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stekernis there really no-one before me that has tried to investigate the usb-blaster ii protocols...05:29
stekerngoogle doesn't pop anything on the subject of reverse engineering it05:29
stekernthe jtag part looks like it acts as an emulated ftdi device07:53
stekernbut the endpoints aren't right, so libftdi doesn't work with it07:54
stekern"aren't right" = differs from a real ftdi device07:54
stekernah, but you can access those in the ftdi context struct, let's see what happens if you set them right08:11
stekernhmm, no... that's not it, since it fails when it tries to set the baudrate through the control end point08:17
stekernmaybe that's not implemented in the emulation (if I'm right about the emulation part)08:17
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hnostekern, do you have usb data traces to stare at?14:16
stekernhno: yes15:31
stekernbut only comparison between a usb blaster and the usb blaster 2 when configuring the fpga so far15:34
stekernolofk_: did you manage to run the bsp-editor and build u-boot_spl during the workshop?17:28
stekernit generates crap in sdram_config.h for me17:29
poke53282stekern: Your native port of gcc works. Could compile a hello world.19:22
poke53282Nice work19:22
poke53282For some reason I have to add "-I/usr/include" to my command line to include stdio.h19:23
poke53282I thought it is hardcoded.19:24
stekernhmm, you shouldn't need that19:50
stekernhow did you configure it?19:52
stekernthat's from some note I've made19:53
poke53282I think I have found it. I shouldn't change the sysroot20:26
poke53282"--with-sysroot=$SYSROOT" is wrong20:26
poke53282--enable-threads=single is a good point20:33
stekernah, well, it was from a first test20:34
poke53282quadmath is included in my build :) Not that I want to do a lot of numerics with this emulator20:35
stekernbut, yes, you shouldn't have --with-sysroot20:35
stekernI think the rest of your options are fine20:36
poke53282I am not sure about --without-headers20:36
poke53282If it changes anything or not20:36
poke53282The MAKEINFO line which is added to the Makefile is necessary on my system.20:37
stekernI think most of the things in my line is from building a first stage gcc20:37
stekernso yours is better20:37
stekernI've built with similar to your options, but that wasn't in my notes20:38
stekernhmm, what does it (MAKEINFO) do? I can't recall seeing that20:38
poke53282The new texinfo is no longer compatible with the gcc help files20:38
poke53282But there is no option not to compile them.20:39
stekernok, maybe I have an old texinfo then20:39
poke53282I use archlinux which has always very new packages.20:39
poke53282So in a few month or so you will have the same problem.20:39
stekernlooking forward to it ;)20:40
poke53282This line with MAKEINFO prevents compiling the info files.20:40
stekernah, I see20:40
poke53282Update the repository would help.20:40
stekernfrom gcc upstream you mean?20:41
stekernyeah, we should do that20:41
poke53282Yes, in
poke53282I have found the bug descriptions and the patches somewhere online. Can't remeber and can't find it right now. But this was the easiest solution if you don't want to apply the patch.20:42
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