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juliusbso I heard about fiverr.com14:09
juliusband I've given someone $5 to see if they can coem up with a nice OpenRISC logo14:10
juliusbit's not massively pressing, but could be fun if we get a good one14:10
juliusbas we don't really have one (other than the stylised "OR" on the github thanks to stekern )14:10
olofkYeah. stekern's logo is fine, but it doesn't give me tthe oh-my-god-I-must-have-an-openrisc feeling18:43
olofkI'm thinking about something like a bare breasted lady with a huge sword that battles an robot dragon with laser... with OpenRISC clearly visible somewhere. Haven't finished the concept yet18:45
olofkOh.. and it has to look good as a favicon as well18:49
olofkHow does printk work in linux? How does it find out how to use the uart?19:17
olofkAh... the device tree, right?19:21
olofkBut still, I can't find any evidence that it ever tries to access 0x9000000019:25
olofkahh..ok.. the fdt was never found :(20:21
olofkHow does that actually work? In head.S, it looks like the fdt pointer is copied from r3 to r25, but how does it end up in r3? Isn't that always 0?20:24
olofkOr does it require a boot loader to set it up for me?20:24
olofkRereading what stekern said, a few days ago, I see that it's definitely the case20:27
olofkStill... can I fake it somehow, and how does that work in or1ksim?20:28
olofkahh..ok.. it uses the value from __dtb_start instead. Is the pointer in r3 only for loading device trees that are not compiled into the kernel?20:35
olofkBack to square 1. Haven't got a clue why my printk doesn't try to access the UART20:36
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