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stekernjuliusb: yes, cpu_adr_match_i is the one that is used to do the compare, and cpu_adr_i is the one used to fetch the data out of cache02:21
stekernso, looking quickly at the pronto fetcher, you'd connect pc_fetch_next to cpu_adr_i and pc to cpu_adr_match_i02:24
stekernthat will probably not work out of the box, since all branches doesn't go through pc_fetch_next, but the basic idea should be right02:29
stekernmaybe you could do, cpu_adr_i = stall ? pc : pc_fetch_next;02:31
stekernand ensure stall is high when you are waiting for a "slow" branch to be resolved02:32
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stekernah, finally an update on the tracking of my µsd-adapter13:29
stekernit's moving slowly, in singapore now13:29
hnostekern, I have one you can borrow if you think it will take too long.13:37
mboehnerthi there, i have a short question. which version of the OR1k2 is used in orpsocv2 (freshly pulled from svn)13:44
stekernhno: thanks for the offer, I'm not in a panic hurry though (except I'm a bit eager to start hacking on the AR100) ;)13:51
stekernhopefully it'll start moving a bit faster now, when it's in the hands of sweden post13:52
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