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stekern_franck_: well, I'm living in finland, so cold is the default here ;)02:22
stekernhmm, looks like there's still some bugs in cappuccino to be hunted down03:29
stekernI'm playing with building a self-hosting gcc, but linux crashes all over the place on the board03:29
stekernright now I'm testing in or1ksim to see if it's even possible03:30
stekernit'll probably take a couple of months to build in or1ksim =P03:53
juliusbolofk: just read your first blog post, pure gold mate, well done :)09:25
juliusbI limit scope creep by accepting mediocrity09:26
juliusb(but by telling myself I'll make it better later....)09:26
stekernthat's actually how you should do it, because in the end, mediocre might be good enough09:42
stekernand then you haven't wasted time on fancy stuff that isn't needed09:43
juliusbstekern: in mor1kx_icache, what's the difference between cpu_adr_i and cpu_adr_match_i - is cpu_adr_i maybe a slightly earlier available version than ic_addr?22:51
juliusbi notice that's the one used to read the tag, and the match one, if you have no MMU, is the registered version of pc_fetch (out in the fetch_cappuccino module)22:51
juliusbso, that's used to do the compare?22:52
juliusbmakes sense as you want the logic from the comparison not to snake back far, so using a registered version for that compare is good22:52
juliusbI'm just wondering if I can plumb it into the pronto fetch unit22:53
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