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stekernhno: that's the plan ;)05:23
stekernI updated the tablet this morning with the latest firmware, and I extracted the kernel from that image and located the ar100.code in it05:26
stekernso if nothing else, I should be able to binary patch that kernel and use that05:26
stekernI'd like to get u-boot working though, that'd be much easier05:27
stekernnot sure how to get some output from u-boot though05:28
stekernI guess my best bet is to use usbtty06:00
stekernguys, this is pretty cool:
juliusbwell done stekern 07:51
stekernour dependency on those pesky x86 chips is all gone, we can now stand on our own ;)07:51
juliusbyou deserve a few beers for this stekern 08:21
stekernthanks, I have found a new summer favourite, so preferable a couple of those :)08:32
hno01c23800: 16236747 80728452 50574848 064163d5    Gg#.R.r.HHWP.cA. (cubie)12:00
hno01c23800: 16254147 50475838 36313030 0341b75d    GA%.8XGP0016].A. (A13 OlinuxIno)12:01
hno01c23800: 16254159 50475838 36313030 0b4181e9    YA%.8XGP0016..A. (A13 OlinuXIno)12:03
hno01c23800: 16254158 504b4e39 35303030 0a0185f5    XA%.9NKP0005....(A13 OlinuXIno)12:04
hnoLooks like only the last 32-bit is unique.12:05
hnothe middle part seems to be a string on A13.12:07
hnoand even those last 32 bit isn't very keyish. Do not look random.12:09
hnoErr, sorry, wrong channel12:11
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