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stekern_franck_: hmm, so how do you build it?03:44
stekernnm, I think I've figured it out04:12
stekern...or not04:27
stekernok, *now* I figured it out04:43
stekernI did the mistake trying to build it from the top-level or1k-src directory, instead of inside gdb/gdbserver04:43
stekernthere's some problems builing a native gdb it seems04:44
stekernbut when running it I get: ../../or1k-src/gdb/dwarf2-frame.c:1117: internal-error: Unknown CFA rule.04:53
stekernI mean on the ws side in or1k-linux-uclibc-gdb04:53
stekernthis could be due to that in the gdb-franck branch there are things missing that is in operisc/or1k04:54
stekernand my native gcc is compiled with HEAD from openrisc/gcc and openrisc/or1k-src04:55
stekernor then there's something other funny going on04:57
stekernlet's test to rebase it ontop of openrisc/or1k-src and see if anything good comes out of that05:03
_franck_to be honest, I never build it myself :)06:33
stekernok, it's blueCmd_ that have tested it?06:52
stekernor am I the guinea pig? =P06:52
stekernsame problem in the merged version06:57
blueCmd_I ran gdb native (ish)07:55
blueCmd_i never got it to debug correctly but I got the gdb prompt IIRC07:56
stekernok, it didn't compile natively for me, complaining about non-defined PTRACE_GETREGS08:27
stekernI think the problem I hit could be a generic problem, saw some notes about gdb 7.0 and similiar problems when googling about it08:28
stekernanyways, I put that aside and am debugging it in another way, a bit to much for me to start debugging the debugger to debug the problem08:29
juliusbthis little register cache in pronto-espresso has been such a time sink!!13:11
juliusbI thought it was finished but when I scale it up and make it big, i get new corner cases13:11
stekernheh, now you now what I went through when I put the caches in14:02
stekernI'm making progress on the native gcc bug, I've pin pointed where it segfaults and got an or1ksim trace of it14:05
stekernpeople can't say that I'm not keeping my promises on taking a look at things, it was onöy some 3 months ago I promised the poke5... guy to take a look at this14:20
juliusbyeah it's like that14:41
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