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mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 3 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 4946f6b Stefan Kristiansson: dcache: remove autotemplate from tag and way ram instantiations...06:07
mor1kxmor1kx/master 7091a0d Stefan Kristiansson: dcache: tidy up WRITE state logic06:07
mor1kxmor1kx/master ba1cd26 Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/wb_mux: remove redundant check for lsu_valid_i06:07
stekernhmm, is it expected that dropbear is *alot* slower than openssh?08:52
juliusbhmm, not sure08:58
stekernanyways, I put dropbear in there to see if it fails in the same way as openssh, and it does08:59
stekernseems both tries to use the legacy pty system09:00
stekernbut openssh doesn't make noise about it, dropbear does09:00
stekerni.e., it tries to open /dev/ptyXX instead of /dev/pty/XX09:00
stekerncappuccino is surprisingly stable, generating ssh keys works ;)09:01
juliusboh yeah, some config wrong or something?09:01
juliusbnice :) you've worked hard on it, so I'm not surprised09:01
stekernyeah, something like that, could be that it doesn't get to pick the right option when crosscompiling09:01
stekernI want to get irssi and apache up running on the board09:03
juliusbhaha awesome09:03
stekernirssi itself isn't a big deal i guess, but it requires perl09:03
stekernnative gcc crashes, but so it did for the jor1kx guy as well, so i guess that's a compiler bug09:05
stekerngot roo used to put the x in the end ;)09:06
stekernah, I figured it out, uClibc needs to be built with UCLIBC_HAS_LIBUTIL set11:29
stekernbut after that, dropbear segfaults :(11:29
juliusboh wow, that's all?11:30
stekernopenssh works perfectly though11:30
stekernand since that proved to be faster too, I'll just use that :)11:30
stekernspace isn't really a problem, I've got plenty of it on my ws11:31
stekernrootfs is around 350mb now11:31
stekernok, next; cross compile perl11:34
stekernit needs ssh to access the target11:34
stekernperl's config scripts are really a pain...14:14
stekernthis made it alot more sane
stekerna simple "hello world" perl script works at least14:41
stekernoh, now I remember... irssi needs glib, which needs libffi, which needs to be ported...15:51
stekerna fun task, but not for today15:52
stekernI really would like to figure out why native gcc segfaults too15:55
stekernwhat was the status of gdb server?15:56
hnoIs there strace support in uClibc? linux gdbserver relies on it.17:16
stekernthink so17:21
stekerngdb isn't really my table though17:21
hnosaw some patches earlier. Don't remember them merged, but memory isn't entirely reliable (was many months ago I looked into this)17:24
stekernyeah, _franck_ was asking about it iirc17:55
stekernbut I think we had support for it in the old toolchain, but I've never used it17:56
stekernjeremybennett knows for sure =P17:57
stekernotoh, I'm ostly just interested at what address gcc segfaults, there are other ways to get that information17:58
_franck_the gdbserver should work19:15
stekern_franck_: oh, nice19:36
stekernwill take a look tomorrow, time for bed here now19:36
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