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stekernhmm, I think I've found a syscall related bug in the kernel03:34
ysangkokhi, does anyone here know how i can run in Qemu or or1ksim?20:15
@juliusbysangkok: hi, I'm not sure - are there no tutorials online about this?20:57
ysangkoki didn't find any20:58
@juliusbhmm, perhaps you're right20:59
@juliusbI'm surprised there's no guide to running Linux on or1ksim20:59
@juliusbalthough, to be honest, I would be more inclined to compile your own kernel + busybox20:59
ysangkokthere is this:
ysangkokbut i just wanted to run the image from jor1k, i thought it'd be easy. i want to play with jor1k, so it doesn't make much sense for me to build a new image if that won't run on jor1k. and if the existing image doesn't run in qemu, i guess it wouldn't21:01
@juliusbunfortunately we don't keep much in the way of pre-built kernels around for people to play with :-/21:02
@juliusbAFAIK anyway21:03
ysangkokis s-macke still active in this community?21:06
@juliusbstekern: basically have my flop-based cache working now :)21:06
@juliusbysangkok: not sure, he was on IRC a little bit, I believe21:06
@juliusbhave you tried emailing him?21:06
ysangkoknope, but i filed a github issue21:06
@juliusbok, cool21:07
@juliusbyou could try posting to the openrisc mailing lists21:11
stekernysangkok: not the most convinient way, but you can attach gdb to or1ksim and 'restore' the bin straight into mem21:14
stekernjuliusb: cool, have done any performance comparisons with it?21:15
ysangkokstekern: sounds neat, but I don't know the addresses. actually i never used or1ksim before.21:20
stekernI'm trying to run coremark under Linux, but it crashes with mor1kx...21:20
stekernysangkok: just load into address 021:21
ysangkokhow can gdb know where the guest operating system's address 0 is?21:22
ysangkoks/operating system/memory/21:22
stekernthe .bin starts at address 0, so it doesn't need to now anything21:24
stekernah, now I managed to run coremark with mor1kx under linux21:31
ysangkokshould i use "rsp_enabled"?21:33
stekernare you speaking about or1ksim options?21:35
stekernjuliusb: I think I was to quick to judge the "level" interrupts as working...21:37
stekerneither that, or the B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK option is bringing out some bug21:40
ysangkokstekern: yes21:41
stekernbecause coremark is working fine on an older .bit, with only those two differences21:41
stekernysangkok: I think so21:41
stekernwas a while since I hooked up gdb to or1ksim, just remember that it's possible21:41
stekernit's a bit outdated, but the main idea is there21:42
ysangkokah ok then i think i understand what you meant earlier. i thought i should attach gdb to the simulator process as I would attach it to any other process. but if i connect over the special port, then of course the addresses will be in the simuled system and not the host.21:43
stekernah, yes, then your question makes much more sense too ;)21:44
stekernsorry for not being verbose enough21:44
ysangkokno problem, thanks for helping21:44
stekerngot to go to bed now, good look with the gdb loading21:45
stekerngood luck too...21:45
@juliusbstekern: not yet, just tidying up some bits and pieces21:49
@juliusbwhat seems to be the issue running coremark on mor1kx on Linux?21:50
poke53281Oh, too late. ysangkok has left23:58
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