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stekernthis seems to be the guilty commit for the atlys regression:
hnohaving a bit if trouble to run linux today. First tried upstream master and then it hangs/gets confused when setting up the console. Then tried iterating over the openrisc-3.X branches in jonas repository10:55
hnoopenrisc-3.1 works fine.10:55
hno3.2 also10:55
hno3.3 hangs with busybox banner. 3.4 hangs during rcS.10:58
hnoand from 3.8  I get no sign of life at all it seems.10:59
hnoIf I halt the kernel with gdb after hang it's always at 0x0000024811:03
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stekernhno: what are you running it in?11:41
hnoA ordb2 devboard.12:06
hnostekern ^12:07
stekernI tried jonas tree yesterday and it booted fine on de0-nano with mor1kx12:09
stekernI could test with or1200 later in the evening12:10
hnoI am using orpsocv2 with or1200.12:10
stekernwhat kind of config are you using?12:11
hnoof what?12:11
hnokernel is the same config delivered by orsoc, which is the same as or1ksim except that clock frequency is set to 50MHz in the DTS.12:13
hnoorpsocv2 is current SVN version + ordb2 board support from orsoc.12:14
hnoJust noticed that ethernet fails in 3.2. So seems I am stuck at 3.1 for the time beeing.12:16
stekernhno: I meant the kernel config, that's the config I used on the de0 nano too12:37
stekernactually, no, it wasn't I have ethernet disabled in that config12:42
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olofkAnyone up for some detective work? I'm trying to figure out where the Atmel flash BFM (AT26DFxxx.v) originally came from22:28
olofkCan't find anything to download from the Atmel site22:29
hnoolofk, copyright statement in that file is a bit scary.22:42
hnoseems to be available on request from Adesto (current owner of Atmel flash tech).22:48
olofkhno: Yes, I realized that too, so I don't want to use it in orpsocv3 before it has been cleared upp22:50
olofkThe copyright statement, I mean22:50
hnoThe variant from Adesto do not look like it's the same. So I don't know.23:00
hnoBut the manual found there seems to match. Odd.23:12
olofkI'll probably replace it with a generic SPI slave BFM. ordb2a uses winbond flash instead of Atmel anyway23:15
hnoLooking closer it's clearly related. But no copright or license statement at all in current downloadable version from what I can tell and manual do not match sources (even included in same archive)23:22
olofkhno: I couldn't find a downloadable version at all. Can you send a link?23:27
hnoThe Tools section of the link I posted above.23:54
hnoyou have to fill in a form to get to the downloads.23:54
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