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stekernjuliusb: yes, he even enabled the support for it under linux04:37
@juliusbso I've got Ubuntu and Gnome 3 at the moment - it is fail, it really is11:13
@juliusbno recent documents list11:13
@juliusbthe "dash" thing or whatever is a joke11:13
@juliusbno options for anything11:13
@juliusboh I lie, there's somethign under the file viewer called "Recent"11:15
@juliusbbut still, I miss my little drop-down menus11:15
@juliusbI don't like the pop-up-and-be-all-graphical menus11:15
@juliusbthey waste my screen space11:15
stekernI on my side, have done some research on wp8, doesn't looklike I'm going to retire my n900 just yet12:07
stekernthere you can talk about fail...12:08
stekern1) it seems like apps are not allowed to keep network connections alive in the background, i.e. ssh is just not possible to be useful12:09
stekern2) I know I'm going to miss the hw keyboard, so I started to look around for a decent bt keyboard that can be brought along, but it seems that wp8 doesn't even have bt hid support, so I can stop looking12:11
@juliusbwow, bad news there for you stekern , sorry12:46
@juliusbOK i have some basic demos using the accelerometer on the de0 nano going12:59
@juliusbit's quite good12:59
@juliusbstekern: do you have any info on generating an image to put into the non-volatile memory on the de0 nano?13:05
@juliusbboth FPGA image and OpenRISC SW?13:06
stekerncool, are you using freertos or just bare-baremetal?13:06
@juliusbjust baremetal at the moment13:06
stekernhmm, wasn't that in the gong tao mail I forwarded?13:06
@juliusbyou forwarded an email?13:07
@juliusbyou pastie'd something13:07
@juliusbbut that was for generating the Linux image I believe13:07
@juliusbsomething to do with u-boot\13:07
stekernthat was for u-boot+linux+fpga image iirc13:07
stekernthere's a altera tool that will create the flash image for you, and then you just use the altera programmer tool to get it onto the flash13:09
@juliusbthis right?
@juliusbI don't get how that embeds the software, too13:10
@juliusbdoes it just pick up all .hex files or something?13:10
stekernah, sorry, you'll need a .cof file too13:11
stekernthat's basically a text file that describes the layout of the file13:11
@juliusbah right13:12
@juliusbcare to pastie one? or did Gong Tao provide more details in an email?13:12
@juliusbor could you lay down some instructions here:
stekernyeah, I should put them up there13:14
@juliusboh nice OK that makes sense13:14
stekernshould have been "layout of the flash" up there =)13:16
@juliusb(it's being processed to be the correct way up)16:53
@juliusbhi johne 16:58
@juliusbI'm just getting to grips with the hangout16:59
@juliusbnot really sure what's going on16:59
@juliusbBy the way it actually kicks off in an hour17:00
@juliusb7PM BST, it's just gone 6PM BST17:00
@juliusbI was incorrect in my email earlier17:00
johneso we all come back in an hour?17:03
@juliusbwell, hang around if you can17:05
@juliusbjohne: do you have a google + handle?17:06
@juliusbwe can invite you directly17:06
johneMy google + handle is  John Eaton17:07
@juliusbthere's several John Eatons17:09
johnemy email is  (same as other minis the q)17:11
@juliusbOK I've just sent an invite to you17:12
@juliusbhej jonibo99 17:22
jonibo99juliusb: verification process seems to take a while17:22
@juliusbany luck?17:22
jonibo99it says "checking"...17:22
jonibo99will let it run for a bit17:22
@juliusbstill have over half an hour17:22
jonibo99i'll be  back in 2 minutes... see if it's through checking then17:23
@juliusbyep, me too17:23
_franck_hi all, I'm around too, brb17:25
jonibo99hmmm... not sure why it's stuck17:25
jonibo99did you try to verify, juliusb?17:26
jonibo99sms verification17:26
rfajardome too17:26
jonibo99ok, now it works17:27
@juliusbjust worked17:27
@juliusbcan somebody try clicking this link:
jonibo99pgavin: google handle?17:51
jonibo99the hangout has moved... i'll send an invite if I get your google email address17:51
jonibo99invite sent17:54
jonibo99anyone else?17:54
jonibo99the link above seems to work, too... I see some people joining via that17:54
pgavinis it supposed to be an email message?17:54
pgavinI didn't get anything17:54
jonibo99google plus hangout invite17:54
jonibo99yes, email, I think17:55
pgavingot it17:55
jonibo99link above is for joining the teleconf which starts in 2 minutes17:58
jonibo99olok:  what happened?  you bounced in and out...18:02
olofkSeems like I'm having a shaky network connection18:03
jonibo99ok... give it another try...18:03
olofkRunning from a Android tablet that hasn't been on for a while, so it's doing massive updates.18:04
@juliusbjonibo99: can you invite iztok jeras?18:18
jonibo99sure... address?18:18
jonibo99found him... i hope18:18
@juliusbmust only be one :)18:19
jonibo99hmmm... we're up to 10 people already18:20
jonibo99not sure what happens now18:20
jonibo99people should still be able to view18:20
jonibo99teleconf available at taht link18:26
jonibo99would be nice if someone could let us know if the conf is still joinable18:27
jonibo9910 people already, but it should be viewable18:27
olofkI'm not sure if my mic works, but could someone ask Peter to file a bug for the lf.rem thing18:37
IzIthe hangout is full and I do not see an option to only listen, please provide a video afterwards18:44
IzIIf anybody is reading I am Iztok, I am an ASIC developer, but now I would prefer to offer my Debian/Ubuntu packaging experience for binary releases of the Openrisc toolchain18:47
pgavinI can put a bug in the github maybe?18:52
olofkpgavin: Ahh.. you're here :)18:52
olofkI was thinking about the opencores bugzilla18:52
pgavinI don't think I have a bugzilla account18:55
olofkI think Jeremy handles that. It's connected to your opencores account in some way18:55
pgavinyeah, I tried the password I use for the rest of the opencores site and it didn't work18:56
blueCmdhm, is there a view only thing somewhere?19:11
jonibo99you tube...19:12
jonibo99not sure what the link is yet19:12
jonibo99search for openrisc teleconference 2013 q219:12
olofkGot to go19:15
IzIok, I will check tomorrow, if there will be a video available, bye19:25
@juliusbnice one, thank you all19:47
jonibo99thanks for organizing19:47
jonibo99i'll see if I can get the video URL out tomorrow... can't find any video yet19:48
_franck_next time I'll be more prepared. Online demo is a very good idea btw19:48
@juliusb_franck_: ah no worries mate, it was supposed to be informal19:49
stekernam I right that my camera didn't work at all (apart from the mic not working well)?19:50
@juliusbstekern: yeah no footage, but your mic got better at the end19:50
stekernyeah, I took the camera and put it to my mouth :/19:50
@juliusbstekern: do you know what the file referenced here is?19:54
@juliusbthis:  ??19:55
stekernhmm, maybe, it was some semi official package I think19:56
stekernwait, I'll check19:56
@juliusbis it supposed to be intel hex or just hex?19:56
@juliusbbecause there's a bin2hex.c in ORPSoC, but it does plain hex, not intel hex19:57
stekernit's that one that I have19:57
pgavinThe Intel HEX file format widely used in microprocessors and microcontrollers area as the de-facto standard for representation of code for programming microelectronic devices.20:00
pgavinThis library provides support for reading, modifying, writing Intel HEX files. You also can create new files from the scratch, convert from and/or to binary form, print human-readable dump of data, merge 2 or more files into one, etc.20:00
pgavinThere are several helper scripts: hex2bin, bin2hex, hex2dump and hexmerge.20:00
pgavinsorry lol20:00
stekernthanks for the lecture ;)20:01
pgavinlol, I middleclicked in my terminal window20:02
pgavinwhich pasted that20:02
@juliusbyep, it's really good 99% of the time, that highlight+middle click20:02
pgavinI actually was trying to follow the link20:02
pgavindoesn't objcopy let you make hex files?20:05
pgavinso you don't need a separate program for that20:05
@juliusbstekern: did those instructions for programming the non-volatile flash work for you?20:06
@juliusbnon-volatile image storage thing, I mean20:06
@juliusbthe FPGA image looks to bein there OK, but the software, not doing os well20:08
@juliusbit doesn't look like it even succeeded at getting the size word out of the memory20:10
@juliusboh well, will look at this tomorrow20:11
stekernjuliusb: worked for me, I have an image made with those command burned into my de0-nano20:12
andresjkmay I ask if the lecture you guys are talking about are online ?20:29
pgavinandresjk: it was a joke :)20:32
pgavinabout my misclicked paste of the wiki page20:32
andresjkthanks for the update, pgavin  :)20:34
olofkI didn't see that chat you were referring to during the call21:39
olofkProbably should connect from a real PC next time21:40
olofkDoes anyone know if that was recorded together with the video?21:40
@juliusbolofk: yes, I believe everything was recorded, but we're waiting on Google to indicate so23:58
@juliusb... and yeah, the chat was going on23:58
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