IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2013-03-01

poke53281stekern: Hmm, could be that the download takes too long and then a timeout appears. My ATA-Emulation is not complete.02:13
stekernpoke53281: I'm on a slower internet connection and on a slower machine where I get the ata-errors appears, so something like that sounds plausible yes02:36
poke53281The emulator runs even on my smartphone :)03:50
poke53281But don't worry. I have compared all binaries with md5sum. inside and outside the emulator. They are identical.04:05
poke53281So far busybox, the ncurses lib and programs and the nano editor works.04:12
stekernyour smartphone could very well be faster than this ~5 year old laptop ;)04:13
poke53281The directfb lib and programs would be very nice, because I emulate a framebuffer.04:15
stekernyeah, I'm interested in getting directfb working on real hw too04:54
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