IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2013-02-28

stekernblueCmd: what is it going to be about?00:40
stekernpoke53281: I didn't realise you meant native gcc when you were talking about the error message above ;)01:00
stekernI'm getting ata errors, is that the message you were speaking about?01:00
poke53281no, ata errors should occur.01:16
poke53281should not occur01:17
poke53281how do you get ATA-errors?01:17
poke53281mount /dev/sda /mnt01:18
poke53281chroot /mnt01:18
poke53281gcc test.c01:19
poke53281... wait ...01:19
poke53281You get something like an internal compiler error in line 101:20
poke53281Hmm, looks like I get this softirq warning during boot even in the standard configuration and with or1ksim. Wonder why jonibo did not see it.02:49
icantdanceHello :)03:55
blueCmdstekern: "High-Speed Storage Encryption over Fibre Channel" is the preliminary title. Essentially using FPGA to encrypt the encapsulated SCSI commands09:19
LoneTechblueCmd: sounds fun and useful09:45
blueCmdLoneTech: yeah. The fun part will be if I get to the point where one task is to implement a whole HBA09:46
blueCmd < the tasks in more detail if you're interested09:46
LoneTechwill have a look. I'm a bit outdated, most of my knowledge of scsi comes from a book from 199509:48
blueCmdI haven't started to read about the SCSI commands yet :P09:50
blueCmdit certainly isn't required knowledge for reading that report09:50
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stekernblueCmd: sounds interesting16:15
stekernpoke53281: yeah, I do exactly like that to get the ata errors16:15
stekernon my other machine I get the internal compiler error16:25
blueCmdstekern: yeah, it will steal time I'd like to spend on openrisc though16:32
stekernblueCmd: =P17:22
stekernI've got a few openrisc time stealing tasks myself17:23
stekernsome of them need more sleep than I do though, like now17:24

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