IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2013-02-26

poke53281Maybe some people are interested in the current version of my openrisc emulator.05:25
poke53281Since the last time there has been some development, especially speed.05:25
poke53281The official website is now hosted on
poke53281The current dev version can be found under05:25
poke53281During the last week I tried to compile more complex software for the CPU.05:25
poke53281These software can be found by mounting /dev/sda in the emulator.05:25
poke53281Unfortunately not very much software packages seem to work.05:25
poke53281gcc fails with some error and directfb gives me segmentation faults.05:25
poke53281It will take a while to find the issues.05:25
poke53281I am still impressed by the number of code lines you need to simulate all this. Around 3000 lines are enough.05:33
poke53281This makes such a system ideal for teaching purposes.05:34
stekernpoke53281: nice, that kind of testing (more complex software) is much needed, I'll try to get around to take a look at it in a week or so. If noone beats me to it.09:32
juliusbstekern: OK, cool. Hopefully it'll slot right in though, but yes, some steeltoe boots can help :)13:32
juliusband yes, I'm still routinely forgetting how to do things in git as nicely as possible13:33
juliusbpoke53281: that's really cool - I've added links to the project page on OpenCores, and on the main page at
juliusbbut it crashes on bootup, maybe you're playing with it at present? I think it's the userspace software, though?13:39
juliusbwell, doesn't fully crash, I guess, somethign in userspace does13:54
* ams looks around.13:57
* juliusb waves at ams14:16
* ams waves a beer at juliusb.14:20
amswhat is the easiest way to enter a chroot like environment?14:29
juliusbams: .... in what?15:06
amsjuliusb: good question!15:32
joniboboy, that's one psychedelic conversation you two space cowboys are having... what have you been smoking?  chroot shrooms? :)15:43
joniboi think 'man chroot' will leave you with less of a hangover15:44
amsjonibo: if it is a non-trip you want, sure, chroot is quite boring.16:00
amsall it does is flip a bit, problem with the flip is that you need to be lord of the files, which is quite boring, and often impossible.16:01
amsnow, if you want a real pschyodelic trip, you need to come where i work.16:03
jonibohow about systemd-nspawn then?16:04
jonibothat's chroot on steroids16:04
amsthough i don't hjabve that.16:04
jonibo"have" is a state of mind16:04
joniboit's open source16:05
amsjonibo: i don't have brain cells left after all the booze, cocaine, acid, and crazy build systems that i have been taking today. :)16:12
jonibofair enough :)16:13
jonibowhat build system are you using and are you building for openrisc???16:13
amsjonibo: internally hacked, and no.  time to work abit, build done...16:14
jonibook... I figured as much... I don't know of any 'interesting' build system that has openrisc support yet... that's why I was asking16:15
jonibohave fun16:15
jonibodistro build system, I meant16:16
joniboopenwrt, openembedded, debian, etc16:16
amsah, not doing distro stuff ...16:16
amsdoing crazy telecom stuff16:16
poke53281juliusb: Yes, the dev version gives you an error message but still boots. It happens since the kernel was updated to 3.819:44
poke53281Have not tested it yet. There could be several reasons. Have to check the kernel with or1ksim.19:45
poke53281juliusb: To test the more complex user space software you have to chroot into the mounted hard drive image.19:47
poke53281Then you can try "gcc test.c"19:47
poke53281If you want to see directfb crashing you have to bind the dev filesystem to the chroot filesystem too.19:48
poke53281juliusb. Could you please link to the github pages. They are official. Either to the wiki
poke53281Or directly to the demo page:
poke53281The opencore4 page is only for my own and yours testing purposes.19:54
poke53281You can find the current toolchain skript at
poke53281I will put it on github as soon as it works19:59

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