IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2013-02-25

juliusbstekern: I have some patches I'm going to commit for mor1kx, adding carry and overflow support to all pipelines01:41
juliusbthe cappuccino patches may step on some toes, though, as it adds range exception01:41
juliusball tests pass with the modifications, so I'm committing01:56
juliusb(I reckon the merge shouldn't be too hard)01:57
juliusbhmm weird, not sure why I got that merge guy in there02:01
juliusbI did a pull to update the local branch I was on02:01
juliusb(to update my patch set to be based on top of top of tree)02:02
juliusbthat must have done it02:02
* stekern straps steeltoe boots on cappuccino05:07
stekernno worries, it'll be a while until I'm ready to merge in my mmu work, and merging the small conflict in the exceptions there is going to be a minor issue compared to all the other cleanup I need to do05:09
stekernregarding the merge guy, you should have rebased your work ontop of openrisc/mor1kx and then pushed if you didn't want that message05:14

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