IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2013-02-19

_franck_LoneTech: I'll keep your patch in my openocd. It works and does what I'm doing with my RTL patch01:05
LoneTech_franck_: cool, I expected it to need improvement11:20
_franck_LoneTech: have you ever used the opencores CAN controller IP ?12:33
_franck_I need to implement a CAN device12:34
LoneTechno, I have not12:40
_franck_10 minutes ago I was like: "that would be great to have a trace buffer in or1200 !"16:49's already in there :)16:49
_franck_I should implement this in openocd/gdb16:57
LoneTechthat is a nice feature17:14
LoneTech_franck_: I personally think openocd might use the debug halt reason register too. currently it doesn't know and even warns that the halt reason is uninitialised.17:14
_franck_is it ?17:22
LoneTechI guess it might have changed since I last used it17:23
_franck_or I never paid attention17:23
_franck_about the trace buffer, I think I'll implement a branch trace buffer. This can save a lot of memory space while tracing17:24
_franck_it only traces branch, saving source and destination address17:25
juliusbjeremybennett: Skype tells me it's your birthday - happy birthday!22:45

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