IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-12-03

@juliusbandresjk: hi00:53
@juliusbwhat's up?00:53
andresjkjuliusb: I have post in the forum how I solved my problem I dont know If the post actually went thru00:54
andresjkwell, I gues It was a newbie problem anyway00:54
andresjkdo you know why when I load and run soft and after that I load the same soft and run it again I cannot see any data?00:55
@juliusbhmm yes, buggy RTL :)00:56
@juliusbI think, I don't know00:56
@juliusbyou could simulate it00:56
andresjkwell, I haven't develop hardware so far, I will but for now I have to reprogram the FPGA and execute the ord_debugger_proxy and the gdb as well00:57
andresjkand I have to reconnect the jtag2usb00:57
andresjkjuliusb: where can I find tutorials or example of how to insert my application software into the vmlinux?00:59
@juliusbhmm, i haven't done it for a while00:59
andresjkI guess it's not that complicated but I don't know where to start01:00
@juliusbyou could google or ask jonibo01:00
@juliusbor post to the mailing list01:00
@juliusbor wait about 12 hours here and you should have gotten a response perhaps01:00
andresjkI will if I cannot find the info01:01
andresjkactually my thesis aims to help future users with openrisc development01:02
andresjkjuliusb: you know everything about the OR at RTL and the wishbone, right?01:02
@juliusbhaha, well, not quite, but I can pretend to :)01:05
andresjkwell I have to develop a peripheral so I will  probably need you help soon01:08
@juliusbcool, no worries01:08
@juliusbgood to hear you're getting your hands dirty01:09
andresjkhaha yeah, today was a happy day. I saw linux console loaded and running in my FPGA in the ORPSoC after months struggling xDDDD01:12
@juliusboh, well done mate, hope you had a beer to celebrate01:13
andresjkhahaha, yeah I have to celebrate!!01:14
andresjkwell, thanks alot man, I have to go. If i dont see my post i will repost it, I want to give back the community!01:15
andresjkbye bey01:15
@juliusbnice one, cheers01:40
@juliusbI'm sure it'll get through eventually01:40
kevinanybody has tried to port Android in openrisc ?04:21
kevinany idea about this?04:21
kevinjuliusb, could you help me?04:22
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson opened pull request #1: Whitespace cleanup and change to verilog 2001 style module args (master...for-openrisc)
stekernjuliusb: are you cool with me pullking that in?07:01
@juliusbstekern: yeah, that's fine10:59
@juliusbwhy the args change on execute, thoguh?11:00
@juliusbi kind-of like auto-arg, but meh, I'm not married to it :)11:00
stekernIMO, the auto-stuff is great, but not really needed for the args, since there is already a feature in the language solving the problem11:05
stekernso I figure, the less we 'force-feed' people with emacs, the better11:05
stekernand execute_alu and decode are the modules I've been poking in my pipeline rework, so this is kind of a 'build-up' for that11:07
@juliusbcool, no probs11:18
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 14 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 5fb7ac4 Stefan Kristiansson: exedcute_alu: verilog 2001 style module args11:40
mor1kxmor1kx/master 7dd83b2 Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/ctrl_branch: whitespace cleanup11:40
mor1kxmor1kx/master 547577f Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/ctrl_branch: verilog 2001 style module args11:40
stekernbah, nice spelling mistake in the commit msg... oh, well...11:41
stekerns/spelling mistake/typo11:42
stekernthis is a pretty cool page I stumbled on when searching for something else:
stekernit lists all the github projects that contain any commits by a given user11:50
LoneTechgood morning12:39
LoneTechjuliusb: basically they all have individual page styles for the header12:39
LoneTechI had a separate script to fill in the table at the end from that12:39
LoneTechI can mail that to you later if you like, but I'm in London without that computer right now12:40
stekernthe story starts here:
olofkCan anyone tell me if I have disconnected for the last couple of days. I'm not handy with irssi yet, and I want to get a clue about how stable my raspberry pi is :)22:13
olofkstekern: That notinvented here thing was fun. Hadn't heard about it.23:10
olofkThis one's good too

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