IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-11-13

@stekernjuliusb: I just found an excellent example where one of your "finish assertments" are needed05:56
@stekernI wrote a simple lsu test, that just stores a value and then load it in the next instruction, in the trace the register ends up as 'x', generating flag = 'x' when comparing that register with a known value05:58
@stekernand apperantly and l.bnf will never branch when flag == 'x'05:59
@stekernso my test falsely passes05:59
@stekernso a sanity check for 'x' on the flag in the is needed05:59
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@juliusbstekern: yeah we should have that kind of stuff throughout the model12:36
@stekernI've added that assert to my local repo, now the test fails ;)12:40
@juliusbthis is exactly the thing kind of thing which is useful12:51
@juliusbbecause, putting in things into the RTL to check is better than doing a corner case software test12:52
@juliusbit's nice to have that corner case software test, but the much more useful thing is the assert12:52
@stekernI agree, they should complement each other13:43
@olofkHey, all weekend I was complaining about how insanely complicated some things are in git, but everyone was telling me that it was the simplest thing ever to use19:22
@juliusbhaha yep20:22
@juliusbI still don't understand what I did yesterday, haven't reflected on it too much though20:22
@olofkwhoops... how do I remove a commit that has been pushed to another repo?21:30
@olofkgithub in this case21:30
@olofkpheww... fixed it21:35
_franck_on my openOCD repo, I didn't keep the git log history23:46
_franck_so Marek Czerski helped me to restart from julius' repo23:46
_franck_then include my changes23:47
_franck_now I merged the last openOCD git into a new github repo23:47
_franck_now, my question:23:47
_franck_can I rename the Franck79/openOCD repo to Franck79/openOCD_old safely (as it's forked at openrisc github)23:48
_franck_then I will rename the new repo (up to date with full log history) Franck79/openOCD23:49
_franck_and stefan could delete the github openrisc/openOCD repo dans fork it again from my Franck79/openOCD repo23:50
_franck_are we ok ?23:50

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