IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-11-10

@stekernjuliusb: I hope you don't mind that I do some whitespace cleanup whenever I do some changes to some file in mor1kx?08:00
@stekernIt usually generates big changesets, but I seperate the commits08:00
@stekernIt's not that I'm actually very pedantic, it has more to do with my emacs settings08:01
@stekerntrailing whitespaces look like this in my emacs:08:02
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@juliusbalright, almost show for the embedded track at FSCONS11:48
@juliusbstekern: whitespace cleanups are good11:48
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OlofRISCHi juliusb, Nice to see you around15:53
@stekernhow did the presentation go?16:41
@juliusbwent down well17:21
@juliusbwe had a big crowd17:21
@juliusbcurrently sinking beer and fixing bugs :)17:21
@juliusbOlofRISC: You see those OpenRISC guys at FSCONS? They suck17:22
OlofRISCYeah, there's a really weird guy on my left side. He eats my peanuts17:23
_franck_if anyone want to give it a try:
_franck_stekern: could we move my openOCD gitthub repo to the openrisc github ?18:13
_franck_it's cool we now have debuggers working ;)18:16
OlofRISC_franck_: That's great. I'm sitting right now with a JTAG problem in orpsocv318:28
_franck_drop the gdb vpi stuff in orpsoc v3 and move to openOCD18:30
_franck_OlofRISC: what king of problem ?18:35
OlofRISC_franck_: Yeah, I will do that. Right now I have a few problems. With altera's modelsim version I can't stall the CPU, and program loading doesn't seem to work at all19:00
_franck_what debugging setup are you using ? does it work with icarus ?19:02
OlofRISCI'm using gdb through jp_vpi and the mohor debug unit.19:06
OlofRISCNot sure if program loading works with icarus either. Need to check that19:07
_franck_ok, can't help that much. However, this conf works with icarus on orpsocv219:08
_franck_so it's in your hand :)19:08
OlofRISCYeah, I just need to port it to orpsocv319:09
OlofRISCSo.... if I was to do that, which openocd repo should I use, which VPI module and how should I set it up?19:10
_franck_look in the backlog, I pasted a link19:11
_franck_or Franck79 on github19:11
OlofRISCNope, program loading doesn't work with icarus either. Giving up jp_vpi for now and start working on integrating your stuff, _franck_19:37
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