IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-11-07

@juliusbolofk: hmm yes, interesting question00:24
@olofkI just found out that there is no way to call verilog functions from C00:26
@olofkHow large is the SPR space?00:26
@olofkMaking a simulator-only flat array that replaces or complements the get_spr function feels like the least crappy way to do it00:27
@juliusbSPR space is big :(00:31
@olofkOk... what's the maximum amount of registers that need to be looked at for a single instruction then? two gpr + one spr?00:35
@olofkMaybe I have to settle for just instruction decoding for now00:42
@juliusbSorry dude, just distracted a bit, very tired too, had a cold lately, won't be much good tonight :(00:55
@juliusbI forget exactly how the VPI stuff works00:56
@juliusbbut, yes I think you can't call back into the Verilog... maybe00:58
@juliusbIt's a bit crap that, isn't it?00:58
@juliusbCan't pass a pointer to a Verilog array?00:58
@juliusbAlthough, you can but the SPRs aren't stored like that00:58
@juliusbAh, you can return like a command and a value to the Verilog, though01:02
@juliusbto then tell it to fetch an SPR01:02
@juliusbMaybe that's the way to do it - like, pass the instruction and then have the disassembly function set what it needs01:03
@juliusband then Verilog can use those values to determine what it needs to pass back01:03
olofk_htcGrr.. posted in the wrong channel. I hate using IRC from thia phone09:07
olofk_htcoh well, juliusb, or whoever else is using or1ktrace. Take a look in #opencores. Got some questions there09:09
jeremybennettolofk_htc: sentient phone letting you down again :)10:17
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@olofkjuliusb: Do you have the presentation from last year's fscons?22:12
@juliusbolofk: they should be on OpenCores22:13
@olofkI was thinking that we could probably reuse a great deal of the first slides for introduction. There will probably be many people who haven't heard about the project22:16
@juliusbgood thinking!22:17
@olofkIt's quite fun to see that a few of the biggest items on last year's wishlist have been fulfilled22:18
@juliusbhaha cool22:18
@juliusbput a moon landing on this year's then22:18
@olofkqemu, shared objects, increased RTOS usage..22:19
@juliusbactually, I shouldn't joke, there's a few boys at Linux Conf AU a couple years ago who were interested22:19
@juliusbdoing some lunar landar project22:19
@olofkWell, I'm up for doing a port :)
@olofkDamn... is already taken. I had a great idea for a new career move :(22:31
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