IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-11-06

@juliusbok it worked with a fresh ./configure and make00:00
@juliusbconfused myself with the actual install dir, i have so many toolchain versions sitting around, so need to determine what I did to make it install those libs00:00
@juliusbbecause I followed the advise of this post: which says to go into bfd/ and run make install-bfdlibLTLIBRARIES00:01
@juliusband that did something good by the looks of it00:01
@juliusbto get the and installed00:01
@juliusbgot it all working00:24
@juliusbit appears that --enabled-shared installs the libbfd and libopcodes as required00:24
@juliusbor1ktrace all updated00:25
@juliusband the verilated model now in mor1kx-dev-env works00:25
@juliusbbut.. had to do some hackery and trickery00:25
@juliusbwill update its docs to reflect this00:25
_franck_openocd is talking to jtag_vpi :) Now they need to know each other :)00:28
@juliusb_franck_: great to hear :)00:29
@stekernnice job putting together the patch to fix or1ktrace olofk 05:41
@olofk_franck_: That sounds great07:45
@olofkDoes anyone know how to make a new /dev/tty* device? I've been thinking about making jtag/uart VPI components that present themselves as character devices. One step closer to HW/SW co-simulation07:47
@olofkand of course a /dev/eth* for ethernet07:48
@olofkhmm.. the last one might be weird..07:48
@stekernolofk: you mean like a "virtual serial port"?08:34
@stekernas for ethernet, tun/tap is probably what you want there08:37
jeremybennettolofk: Take a look at how it is done in Or1ksim10:50
jeremybennett(for Ethernet I mean)10:50
@juliusbjeremybennett: Hi, I have a quick question, at the OpenRISC Project Meeting, you were compiling a list of uses of OpenRISC technology as people mentioned them, was that on the wikipedia page or somewhere on the OpenCores wiki?15:12
@juliusbah I see it on wikipedia15:13
@juliusbIs that the only place?15:17
jeremybennettjuliusb: On Wikipedia as you have found.16:51
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 5 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 162dbe7 Stefan Kristiansson: alu: whitespace cleanup19:04
mor1kxmor1kx/master eefeec9 Stefan Kristiansson: alu: avoid nested generate statements...19:04
mor1kxmor1kx/master 9e15261 Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/fetch: whitespace cleanup...19:04
@olofkIs it possible to call a verilog function from a VPI callback?23:18
@olofkI guess it should be possible to find the function by traversing the object tree, but is it callable too?23:18
@olofkor1ktrace requires callbacks for getting the gpr and spr values. I can see two workarounds for that for VPI23:28
@olofk1. Calculate arrays containing values of all GPR and SPR and send them as parameters to the system function. This could work for GPRs, but the SPR map could be pretty big23:30
@olofk2. Add a few helper functions that returns all the needed SPR and GPR number. Something like src_gpr = $get_src_gpr(current_instruction); get_gpr(src_gpr); or1k_trace(address, instruction, src_gpr, dst_gpr, spr)23:33

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