IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-10-30

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mor1kx[mor1kx] none pushed 3 new commits to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master c0d73a3 Stefan Kristiansson: cappucino/rf: whitespace fix07:31
mor1kxmor1kx/master b3fdc83 Stefan Kristiansson: cappucino/rf: remove dead logic07:31
mor1kxmor1kx/master b5c14e7 Stefan Kristiansson: alu: add option to register ffl1...07:31
olofkIs that a new CPU or skynet you are building?07:33
olofkmor1kx begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 06:31 a.m. CET, October 30.07:37
stekernolofk: heh. naah, just testing githubs irc announcement features10:45
stekernbra eller anus?10:56
olofk_htcCan I abort the compilation somehow in my compiletf callback?11:58
olofk_htcFor VPI11:58
juliusbhuh?? Never heard that12:21
juliusbhaha awesome, mor1kx lives it seems12:21
olofkI'm fine with the IRC announcements as long as you don't get too productive :18:46
stekernolofk: yeah, I'm of the same opinion, if it's more announcements than talk it starts to be disturbing20:10
stekernI figured it can be useful for projects that don't get their patches through the ml (I mean it would be a bit silly if juliusb would start posting everything he intends to push to mor1kx to the ml)20:17
stekernwe could of course have commit mls, but I don't really see that as necessary20:18
olofkIt's quite nice to be able to take a quick look in the scroll-back and see roughly what has been done. Do you set up one user per repo, or how does it work?22:01
olofkAbout the Adapteva... would it be useful for video decoding? Is the compiler able to spread out the load over the cores, or would that have to be done manually?22:34

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