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stekernwtf, snow...08:14
juliusbstekern: noooo! winter has officially arrived, then?12:40
jeremybennettI see Parallella has just a tad over $70k to go:
LoneTechnice graph:
LoneTechcurrently moving at about $16k/h21:34
LoneTechI didn't get the /. article to the front page though21:35
LoneTechalso, no serdes on the external pins. guess we can't have it all yet.21:36
LoneTechjeremybennett: what do you think of the processor groups (protected memory) idea?21:36
LoneTechI've later figured you'd probably want a "friend" level also to allow data passing from one group to another.. though that could be done by letting a group-0 node dma it21:38
jeremybennettLoneTech: Like the graph. simoncook has been doing something similar specifically for Parallella. Interesting graph of how much per hour he has to raise. Up until today it was steadily rising. Then it fell off a cliff and has plummeted all day.21:56
jeremybennettSeems to be going up at about $10k/hour at the moment.21:57
LoneTechjeremybennett: at current rate (per a script I've been running maybe an hour and a half) we have a bit over four hours to success.21:57
jeremybennettThat's what I am hoping.21:59
LoneTechI personally believe our efforts contributed, though it's very hard to tell how much21:59
LoneTechthe new options (case, book etc) also help, but there are nearly half as many new backers as raisers (~135/292)22:02
LoneTecher, sorry. nearly as many, I mean; 135 new backers in 292 increases of the total22:03
LoneTechwe just got another $1000 backer22:04
olofkJust today I have seen a few articles about parallella. Both eetimes and phoronix and a few swedish news sites. I wonder why they are reporting so late22:05
LoneTechI spotted one article from someone who had just heard of it, but otherwise I think there was a dose of desperate backers trying to get attention22:08
LoneTechit's been submitted at least three times to slashdot in the last two days, for instance22:08
AmadiroI wonder if their IP would really have any practical use for anybody22:10
AmadiroIn particular the ARM + parallella core thing seems a bit useless, since the ARM processor has so much power compared to the tacked-on parallella one22:11
olofkSo if I donate $99 (+20 for shipping) I'll get a board with a 8 core adapteva + a zynq?22:11
LoneTechyou mean the CPU RTL? not much. I guess the toughest part of it is the dual instruction issue22:11
AmadiroBut I haven't really looked closely at it22:11
LoneTechAmadiro: the ARM is impressive, sure, but it does not have that much processing capability in the comparison22:12
LoneTecholofk: yep, if the kickstarter succeeds.22:12
LoneTecher, 16 core, not 822:12
AmadiroLoneTech, what dual instruction issue?22:12
olofkOk, as much as I dislike Xilinx, just getting the zynq does it for me. I consider the epiphany an added bonus :)22:13
LoneTecheach epiphany core has two operational pipes; int/int or int/float (switchable at any time). So it actually runs dual instructions. of course, it could be they're both encoded by the compiler and I just overlooked that, in which case the decoder is simple22:13
LoneTecholofk: then you get a zynq devel board with just 42 IO, not a bad deal anyway22:14
olofkExactly. And it feels good to promote some kickstarter project that is aimed at us embedded/fpga/hardware guys22:15
LoneTechI agree22:16
jeremybennett< $60k to go. Quite addictive watching the figure tick up.22:16
olofkSo shall I just enter $120 in the pledge amount, and they will automatically understand that I want the board? There is an option to select $99 directly, but that wouldn't cover the estimated shipping22:17
jeremybennettYes - enter the $120 and tick the $99 reward. I think the extra $20 for shipping outside the US is done on trust.22:17
LoneTecholofk: you select the option for the base package and add on enough for shipping (and extras like the book or case)22:17
LoneTechin my case, I think I tacked on 75 or so (shipping, early sdk, and I like round numbers)22:18
LoneTechI loathe the ..99/98/95 price tags22:19
jeremybennettThe wonders of Benford's Law:
jeremybennett(actually it's a counter-example)22:21
olofkDo I need an amazon account too? This must be account-creating day for me22:21
LoneTechI think so. they handle the payment service22:22
olofkThen it's done22:26
LoneTechcool :)22:26
olofkAnd the first thing that happens is that four other hardware projects pops up that looks really interesting. I'm going to be broke soon22:27
LoneTechjust be sure to inspect them; it's not terribly unusual that wild promises are made22:27
LoneTechthey've tried to cut down on it with rules like working prototypes, but I expect there are slipups22:27
LoneTechthe previous project I backed is
olofkI have read about that one, but it didn't catch my interest22:34
olofkI backed Double Fine Adventure though, but that was after they already had reached their goal, so I guess it counts more as a pre-order22:34
LoneTechI did order a Pandora console (same makers) way back, eventually cancelled that22:34
LoneTechthe Oculus Rift was also quite cool, but I passed on that. I think it might be a good fit together with a video input and a parallella, considering it needs an odd reprojection for perspective22:36
LoneTechi.e. remote controlled toy + dual fisheye wireless cameras + receivers to converter into zynq, reproject to match lenses, and hdmi out to rigt panel, for immense wide angle first person view22:37
LoneTechit's an odd case where mobility and low latency matter22:38
olofkSounds a bit like Tobii's eye-tracking stuff.22:41
LoneTechwell, eye tracking would be fun too, but I was just thinking remote view to start22:41
LoneTechmind sharing what projects interested you?22:41
olofkI closed the page, so I'm not sure anymore. They might not have been so interesting either if I had looked a bit closer. Mostly looked like different dev boards with some special feature22:44
LoneTech"smartduino" seems like another stackable module format.. might want to look at their ideas22:48
jeremybennettSupper calls. I hope by the time I get up tomorrow morning it's all safely funded.22:50
LoneTechit has slowed a bit, but I think there's a fair chance22:51
LoneTech$697k now22:51
LoneTechman, the smartduino people love awful capitalization. it's painful to read their text.22:53
olofkHmm.. what do you call the collection of tools that put together fpga-specific binary from HDL sources? I'm looking for a good name to use in orpsocv323:10
olofkbuild_tool, toolchain, backend, par?23:11
LoneTechif you mean from sources, you'd include the synthesis23:11
olofkYes, there will be support for exchanging the synthesis tool later on, but the default will be to use the vendor-specific synthesizer.23:12
olofkThe name doesn't have to imply that synthesis is included in the definition23:12
LoneTechthe tools after synthesis have had a bunch of different names.. fpgas tend to have place&route while some cplds only call it a fitter23:13
LoneTechit's a jumble. I think we lack a proper term for the set.23:13
olofkI think I'll use backend for now. That can always be changed later. As there aren't any users yet, no one will complain23:14
LoneTechAltera do still call the whole set fitting23:14

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