IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-10-25

stekerndie patch queue, die! ;)06:41
stekernwould have been fairly annoying to apply the patches to both orpsocv2 and or1200 "joined", so hope no-one minds that I did them as seperate commits06:44
stekern(I have orpsocv2 and or1200 as seperate git-svn checkouts)06:44
olofkstekern: Referring to the PIC patches?08:58
stekernno, the or1200 patches08:59
olofk_x2000stekern: Good job with digging up the old patches11:36
stekernis that an olofk on a train or an olofk cloned 2000 times?12:46
* juliusb hopes it's olof cloned 2000 times12:52
stekernorpsocv3 will be done in no time! ;)12:54
-!- olofk_x2000 is now known as olofk_x199912:56
olofk_x1999Damn it. The clones aren't stable12:56
juliusbstekern: where were you going to commit your dynamic linking changes? to the github or1k-gcc/src repo right?13:13
juliusbI'm updating the opencores GNU tool chain wiki page with links and information about the development version13:14
stekernyes, to the openrisc/or1k-src repo13:16
stekerngcc wasn't in the patches I posted, it will come in time13:18
juliusbah right13:18
juliusbI'm adding you and pgavin to the tool chain development team13:18
juliusbyou've both contributed in epic porportions13:19
jeremybennettjuliusb: stekern: Do you know where the or1k-src repo takes its upstream from?13:27
juliusb(actually, by adding you to the "team" I meant "list of the team")13:31
stekernjeremybennett: I believe it's the sourceware cvs, but I'm mightly confused by that tree, so I'm very thankful to Peter who put together the or1k-src tree ;)13:37
stekernactually, it's not as confusing as I remember, looks like it's 1:1 copy of it13:39
jeremybennettstekern: Thanks13:49
juliusbstekern: I've put on the wiki some basic instructions on building the development version fo the tool chain, based on the one you pastebinned me a while back13:50
juliusbI found myself wanting to do it again13:51
stekernnice, surely a better place to keep them than on pastebin ;)13:58
juliusbagreed :)13:59
stekernI have similiar notes for the linux toolchain, I've used /opt/or1k as install path for them (in contrast to /opt/or1k-toolchain), which sounds better?14:00
stekernI need to figure out what's broken with the -muclibc -mnewlib flags in gcc14:01
juliusbI have just done it in /opt/or1k for my work now14:11
stekernok, should we change the wiki instructions for or1k-elf to /opt/or1k then?14:21
stekernI've changed it now14:26
stekernbikeshed issue, but we seemed to agree on the color ;)14:27
jeremybennettstekern: Thanks for doing this. You would be better building with a unified source tree (i.e. both or1k-src and or1k-gcc together). Then you'll only need one GCC build pass.14:41
jeremybennettAs an example look at
jeremybennettIt's not quite the same - we don't have a live upstream sourceware mirror, so we use the upstream mirrors of the individual components, but it may have some useful ideas for you.14:42
jeremybennettIt also builds a uClibc tool chain, based on Mike Frysinger's instructions, which may be useful for you.14:43
stekernbut... how will I keep my basement warm, if I don't have to let the cpu spend some cycles on building the second stage gcc? ;)14:45
stekernmore seriously; personally, I like building them seperately, it made me understand better the seperation between gcc and the sourceware tree14:49
stekernbesides, someone might not be interested in building gcc at all14:50
stekernand is only interested in installing binutils14:51
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stekernso... is that the original olof, or is it a last remaining clone?15:34
jeremybennettstekern: I understand about separate building. However if you don't wish to, GCC's build system understands about newlib and can build in one pass.15:48
stekernjeremybennett: yes, I'm not denying it's useful information, I appreciate it15:49
stekernis that the case for uClibc too? or is that always necessary to build in 2 steps?15:49
jeremybennettNo - newlib is a special case. uClibc needs multiple passes. Mike Frysinger came up with a standard way to do this (I think as part of the Gentoo project), which is what we use in the ARC example. It is roughly the same approach used in bld-all.sh15:50
jeremybennettpotentially you need more than two steps for complete bootstrap, but we can usually get away with two.15:51
olofk_x1stekern: I haven't found out yet if I am myself, or if I am trapped in a virtual machine16:23
olof_Off to Sue Ellen!20:01
juliusbolofk: Sue Ellen, I'm jealous :) That was a good place20:35
juliusbolofk: sorry, I didn't follow the FSCONS stuff too closely, did you email them a proposal?20:35

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