IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-09-11

stekernkristianpaul: ah, well, since mor1kx is released, nothing is really stopping me from pushing that somewhere05:12
stekerngit:// that is05:45
stekernwhy, oh why don't we have any instructions for atomic operations07:20
juliusbstekern: nice to see you got the milkymist work out :)11:40
juliusbalright, so I really need to nail down a venue for this OpenRISC project meeting11:41
juliusbjeremybennett: hi15:38
jeremybennetthi juliusb - in a meeting, so slow response16:40
juliusbno problem16:52
jeremybennettHow can I help you?16:52
juliusbah it's nothing important or urgent16:53
juliusbwasj ust wondering if you'd seen my email about the flights over16:53
juliusb(to the meeting in October)16:53
jeremybennettI had - I'll take a look tomorrow. Which airline was it?16:53
juliusbRyanAir, sorry, perhaps I failed to mention that16:53
jeremybennettHmm - rather a no-no for me.16:57
juliusbI know Stansted is the wrong end of London for you16:58
juliusbBut just mentioning it anyway, in case it was convenient16:58
jeremybennettI see there are reasonable Norwegian flights from Gatwick. Arrive 4:25 in Arlanda, leave on Sunday at 6:15pm16:58
jeremybennettsimoncook: Have you looked at flights yet?16:59
juliusbthat sounds much better, and your side of town16:59
jeremybennettYes - twice the price of RyanAir, but all taxes etc included and a reasonable sized bag.16:59
juliusbso far it looks like we'll have a good show - Sven Ake will do a beginngers show, Piotr Skrzypek has just emailed indicating he's likely to do a presentation on eCos16:59
simoncooki havent yet17:00
juliusbSven has also mentioned RTE may be interested in providing the venue, so I'm following them up on that17:00
_franck_it is almost sure I'll come. I'll book a flight this week.17:24
juliusbnice one!17:24
stekernsimoncook: I noticed your pull request, looks good. I have to admit I haven't handled github pull requests before, is there a difference if I pull via github webinterface or pull manually and then push?18:04
simoncookI'll be honest, I have no idea myself on how these work18:06
stekernheh, ok =)18:08
stekernI'll pull locally test it and the pull via the webinterface to see what happens then18:09
jeremybennettIIRC has something on dealing with pull requests from contributors18:19
stekernjeremybennett: yeah, that's not a problem, I know how to pull "the normal way"18:24
stekernI'm just wondering if some extra info is saved when you do the pull via githubs webinterface (when you fork a project it does)18:26
simoncookI'm not sure what extra info would be saved when doing via the web interface18:27
simoncook*would there be to be18:27
stekernme neither, something in the line of marking the pull request as pulled18:37
simoncookDoesn't matter either way at the moment, "We're down for emergency db maintenance. Investigating now. Updates at"18:39
jonibostekern: no difference in manual merge/push vs web merge18:47
jonibojuliusb: yeah, I think I'll be around that weekend...18:47
jonibo...I'll attend the meeting if I can.18:49
juliusbjonibo: cool man18:58
kristianpaulstekern: nice, thanks !19:06
juliusbhey stekern, is the cache closer to the bus in the cappuccino pipeline, or closer to the decode stage?19:15
juliusblike, which side of the fetch unit is it on?19:15
juliusbnm, but I introduced isn't there19:30
juliusbnow cappuccino passes the tests in the mor1kx-dev-env suite19:39
stekernjonibo: thanks for the info19:55
stekernand nice if you can make it to the meeting ;)19:55
stekernjuliusb: IIRC it's bus<->cache<->address/fetch stage19:58
stekernI couldn't parse your "nm" btw ;)19:59
juliusbsorry typing and not checking what I'm typing20:07
juliusbi meant to say, nm, bug I introduced into cappuccino isn't there20:07
juliusbwas in my multiply cleanup20:08
stekernah, that makes a lot more sense20:08
stekernI'm starting to believe it's easier to hack in some PIC support into gcc to be able to compile a shared libstdc++-v3 than to blow life in this frankenlibc++...21:13
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