IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-09-10

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stekernI'm starting to part more and more with derRichard, let's get rid of uClibc and start using glibc instead10:18
jeremybennettstekern: It's a *lot* bigger. But why not do both?11:04
jeremybennettAnyone seen jonibo recently. I emailed him about the problems with the mailing lists last week and haven't had any reply.11:24
stekernthis c++ library is starting to look like frankensteins monster...12:02
stekerna little libsupc++ mixed with hacked uclibc mixed with libc++...12:17
stekernjeremybennett: jonibo have been awfully quiet lately12:18
jeremybennettstekern: That's what I thought. Hope he's OK12:36
derRichardstekern: :-)13:05
derRichardyeah glibc is bigger. but it's the only way to provide a sane/complete linux userspace13:06
stekernso what's the magnitude of bigger? a quick comparison of just for glibc and uclibc shows about 3x (500k vs 1.5M), but that's comparing uclibc for or1k and glibc for x8613:38
derRichardmost embedded systems totay use glibc13:39
derRichardbecause they need sane pthread support, etc...13:39
derRichardAFAIM glibc is not that big13:39
derRichardbtw: you know
derRichardthis is basically glibc plus patches to make it smaller...13:40
stekernI've heard about it, but have no hands-on experience with it13:41
derRicharddebian is using it as default libc13:41
stekernaha, I wasn't aware of that13:41
derRichardbut most eglibc features comes back to glibc now. because drepper is no longer maintaining glibc and some eglibc guys took over the glibc maintaince :)13:42
derRichardIOW drepper was kicked out of glibc13:43
jeremybennettderRichard: I think you need to define "embedded systems" a bit more clearly. I'm prepared to believe that embedded control processors in SmartPhones use glibc. Is it really the case for things like routers, which although they run Linux/BusyBox do not have vast memory resources.13:43
jeremybennettAnd it is certainly not the case for most embedded systems, because they don't run Linux.13:44
derRichardjeremybennett: the main point is, you need glibc support. if someone wants openrisc on a micro embedded system, he can still use uclibc, klibc, etc...13:45
jeremybennettI'm not arguing against glibc - just making the point that it isn't the answer for "most" embedded systems.13:45
jeremybennettjonibo: Good morning. Did you get my email about the mailing lists.13:45
jeremybennettI'm all for glibc on OpenRISC.13:46
joniboyeah, got it... just checked this morning and your account looks fine13:46
jonibono reason why you shouldn't be receiving emails aside from the fact that there's almost no traffic on the lists at the moment13:47
jeremybennettHmmm. I wonder why I haven't been getting the emails. I'll check my filters to see they aren't throwing stuff away.13:47
jonibolike I said, there hasn't been much to receive anyway13:47
jonibowas someone against glibc on openrisc???13:48
jeremybennettAgreed - but I noticed a number of cross-posted emails to both and lists, and I only got the ones.13:48
jeremybennettNo - just me being picky about whether it is the library used on "most" embedded systems.13:48
stekernyeah, I haven't got any mail from since august 2213:48
jeremybennettI wonder what happened on that date - same date I stopped getting emails13:49
jonibois there anything in the archives since then???13:49
jeremybennettYes 20 messages in September alone13:49
jeremybennettderRichard was making the very valid point that if you want a fully functional pthread implementation you have to have glibc.13:51
joniboah ok... I haven't been receiving those emails either... will look into it13:52
jonibook, should be working now... let me know if mail issues continue14:07
juliusbjonibo: good to hear from you again!20:06
juliusbyou going to be around Stockholm October 13?20:06
kristianpaulstekern: hi, sorry ask this that much,but ... did you finally got permission to release the openrisc port for the milkymist one board?21:36

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