IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-09-07

olofkSuddenly there seems to be no shortage of toolchains and or1k implementations :)00:00
stekernsomething for every taste =)00:01
stekernsimoncook is working on the llvm integrated assembler too00:02
olofkSeems to be a lot going on. That's really cool. I'm eager to start trying out the shared libraries support too00:04
olofkDoes anyone have an executable that is verified to run on ordb2a?00:05
stekernI don't own a ordb2a00:06
stekernLLVM knows how to load the global address from the got if the global doesn't have internal linkage now at least00:08
stekernolofk: I can paste my hello world and how to build it00:09
olofkI realize that I don't have much knowledge about the compiler stuff... but I assume that's a good thing?00:09
stekernit runs on or1ksim00:09
olofkstekern: I'm trying to figure out why the hell I don't get any response from my board. A custom loadmodule that just loops back the uart works, so the hardware seems fine. I can connect with openocd and upload a program with gdb, so my tools and orpsoc image seems to work00:12
olofkbut still, I can't get a hello world to show up on the terminal. Starting to suspect that it hasn't picked up the correct printf routines00:12
stekernhow did you build it?00:14
olofkJust to avoid confusion, this hasn't anything to do with the clang toolchain00:14
stekernyeah, I've realised that00:14
olofk /path/to/or32-elf-gcc -mboard=ordb2a hello.00:15
olofkit's not in my path as I'm having the or1k toolchain there instead00:15
stekernyou can have both in your path, but that aside, that sounds right00:16
olofkI was using detach instead of c when I loaded the program. That used to work (in or_debug_proxy?)00:17
olofkI have a distinct feeling that I have been through this before00:18
stekernthe feeling of deja vue is strong on my side too =)00:19
olofkOh well. Good to sort that out. I have now completed my mission on this planet and can return home00:21
olofkGood night, as you humanoids say00:21
stekernyeah, upstairs calling here too00:22
jeremybennettI've not been receiving mail on the mailing list since 22 August. Has anyone else had problems. The archive shows there have been messages sent there.11:16
stekernlooks like the last msg I received was 22 august as well11:20
juliusbnow that you mention it, I was helping admin the lists and haven't had any of those emails since then either12:15
juliusbso, I agree, something has gone on12:15
juliusbhas anyone emailed jonibo yet?12:15
jeremybennettjuliusb: I emailed him earlier12:26
juliusbnice one, thanks12:27
stekernit's good that we have redundancy in our mailing lists ;)12:34
stekernthere has been times when it has been the other way around too12:35
stekerngcc is certainly a tightly knitted together package12:37
stekernI'm trying to build libstdc++-v3 away from the gcc tree, I'm failing miserably12:37
stekernlooking into libc++ now, it wants a lot more support for things from uclibc it seems12:42

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