IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-09-06

stekernhmm, no wonder globals in shared libraries was acting up, I had the R_OR1K_COPY and R_OR1K_GLOB_DAT defines mixed up in uClibc...20:18
stekernhmm, still not quite right though, now it's acting up when the shared library is trying to read it, but ok in the main exe (before it was the other way around)20:29
stekernah, ofcourse it is, I'm only loading the pointer to it from the got entry, not the value20:46
stekern(in a handrolled asm, llvm doesn't emit loading from the got table correctly yet)20:47
stekernyay, now it works!20:48
-!- jemarch` is now known as jemarch20:57
stekernwonder if 8K got entries is enough...?23:08
stekernthat limit is handy, because then it's possible to do the load with a single l.lwz rD, got(offset)(got_pointer)23:10
stekerncurrently 16K is the "hard limit", but then we need to do a: l.ori rD, r0, got(offset); l.add rD, rD, got_pointer; l.lwz rD, 0(rD);23:14
stekernjuliusb: idea for or2k, l.lwz rD, rA(rB)23:21
stekernnothing revolutionary, but useful in some cases23:22
olofkopenocd fails to bootstrap with automake 1.11. How do I force it to use 1.10? autotools help needed!23:22
stekerndon't look at me, autotools is my nemesis =)23:25
stekernbut usually the dists has some mechanism to handle that23:26
stekernfor example, on ubuntu /usr/bin/automake -> /etc/alternatives/automake23:27
stekernand /etc/alternatives/automake -> /usr/bin/automake-1.1123:28
olofkNevermind. Found a way to make it work instead. Seems far easier than upsetting autotools23:29
stekernolofk: thanks for breaking my monologue before it filled a whole page btw ;)23:32
olofkstekern: no problems. I'm here if you need someone to talk to :)23:33
_franck_me too ;)23:33
olofkI usually turn to Dr. Sbaitso when I feel lonely23:33
stekernoh the memories23:34
_franck_I didn't know this one :)23:35
olofkI used to make him freak out so he dumped a lot of text and said "Parity Error"23:35
stekernevery Swede I know who is familiar with Dr Sbaitso have used the phrase "Jag ar en hora" in it, olofk will you break it?23:36
olofkstekern: Sorry to disappoint you. Maybe I was adopted23:36
olofkMaybe I didn't have the same issues as you and your friends :P23:38
stekernah, but no, it wasn't in Dr Sbaitso, it was in the speak synthesis on the Amiga 50023:38
stekernyeah, I guess promiscuity have always been considered a virtue among my friends...23:40
olofkIs gdb supported in the or1k toolchain btw? I've been out of the loop for some time23:53
stekerndon't thinks so23:54
stekernI'm still using or32-*-gdb at least23:59
olofkMe too23:59

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