IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-09-01

stekernone problem less, the code for DT_RELA relocations was all screwed up in uClibc (I had copied it from microblaze)12:13
stekernIt never incremented the pointer, so only the first entry R_OR1K_RELATIVE got relocated12:15
stekernnow there is some problem when calling _rtld_fini (the address to it is wrong)12:18
stekernaah, that is passed to _uÂlibc_main from _start, our crt is probably not PIC aware12:24
stekernno, that shouldn't matter... __fini is in the main exe14:46
stekernhmm, ok, _rtld_fini is not __fini, app_fini == __fini14:49
stekernlooks like we've been lucky for a long while and r8 have always been zero when calling uClibc_main15:22
stekernwoho! the anticipated moment has came!
_franck_good job16:03

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