IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-08-31

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stekernpushing the segfaults forward, now I get them in uClibc_main08:47
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stekernah, looks like I'm fixing up the wrong instruction in the plt for the pic case08:56
stekernyay, no more segfault09:13
stekernnow I get  "Can't resolve symbol '__pthread_initialize_minimal'" instead09:13
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stekernok, I'm in printf now and segfaulting all I can ;)13:07
stekernlet's see if I can do a hello world with l.nop puts13:08
juliusbstekern: this sounds like a hard task man!13:11
juliusbyou're dynamically linking in all the libraries for a basic app under Linux, yes?13:11
stekernhmm, yup13:52
stekernor, all that are needed13:52
stekernlibc, ld and libpthreads + my libtest-or1k13:53
stekernin this case13:53
stekernnop-printing works, but it's still segfaulting in the cleanup13:53
stekernthat is nop-printing in my libtest-or1k, just for clarity ;)13:56
stekernor1ksims l.nop 8 is my best friend these days13:57
stekern(that's the start trace nop)13:57
jeremybennettYup l.nop 8 is your saviour!13:58
stekerntruly is, would be nice to have that in real hw as well14:13
stekernI kind of have that with my tracelogger, but that requires wishbone writes14:16
stekernwouldn't be so hard knit it in with l.nop 8 and 9 thuogh14:17
stekernit's fun following how a program actually executes under linux14:22
stekernlooks like it's in pthread_mutex_lock we're failing14:31
stekernwasn't there some pthread bugs that never got untangled?14:32
stekern(most likely not related to this though)14:32
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stekernthis is function pointers not getting evaluated as position independent14:49
stekernit's actually trickier than that, a static struct with function pointers (set up at build time) is passed from libpthread to libc and copied with memcopy to a struct in libc15:34
stekernand then they are called from that15:34
stekernthat shouldn't differ much from a normal function pointer though, since they have to be relocated in libpthread anyway15:38
stekernbut they aren't, and that's the bug...15:39
* stekern thinking out loud15:39
juliusbthink away!15:56
jeremybennettstekern: we never passed all the pthread tests with the 4.5.1 compiler, but Jonas advised it was upstream issues in uClibc.16:27
jeremybennettWe spent months on it, and couldn't find the problem.16:27

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