IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-08-29

stekernlooks like the R_OR1K_JMP_SLOT hasn't been performed...05:41
stekernactually, the address in .got doesn't point to .plt0 as it should06:00
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juliusboh yes, I rememebr some weirdo EMBEDDED=yes thing removing some hard-set addition to various things in the linker11:50
juliusbstekern: I've pumped out some more documentation about the mor1kx11:51
juliusbit needs a lot more work but I think I've got an OK structure now11:51
juliusbexplaining te pipeline, it's specific components, then the more generic components11:52
juliusbit's on my branch for now11:52
juliusbwhoops forgot to push it, just pushed it now11:55
juliusb(incase yuo checked in the intervening 3 minutes)11:55
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stekernI'm quick, but not that quick ;)12:02
stekernlooks good12:05
stekerncappucino is 5-stage though12:06
stekernI added the "address" stage in the fetcher12:06
juliusbahhh cool12:29
juliusbyep, sounds right12:30
_franck_stekern: juliusb , do you have any testbench for the mor1kx ? I would like to know how it works (I never designed a CPU core)18:20
_franck_so I'm starting the static understanding18:21
_franck_but I working bench would be great18:21
stekern_franck_: there is the mor1kx dev environment in julius github18:40
stekernit's basically "a hacked" orpsocv218:40
juliusb_franck_: yes, as stekern says:
juliusbcheck the README on how to set things up18:49
juliusbI think at present only the mor1kx-espresso generic "board" completes the RTL regression suite18:50
juliusbWhat I want to know is if rdiez's orbuild test bench runs RTL cores and tests them against not only his built-in regression suite but the GCC regression stuff too18:50
juliusbthat would be wicked, in which case, I'd like to integrate mor1kx into that, too18:50
juliusbbut for work with various peripherals (triggering interrupts, etc.) I think it's more useful to have it in a system like ORPSoC18:51
juliusb(mor1kx-dev-env is just a fork of ORPSoCv2)18:51
stekerncappuccino should pass it too19:22
juliusbshould :)19:42
juliusb(maybe Ib roke it :-S )19:42
juliusb(but I'll fix it)19:42
_franck_thanks guys, I'll take a look there20:04

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