IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-08-28

stekernI've got relocation of working, and some of the loading of the application working08:14
stekernthe program header read in from the elf looks wrong though08:15
stekern"everything" else looks pretty good08:15
stekernI was about to ask our linux gurus where that is entered onto the stack in linux, but I think I've found it08:35
stekernin create_elf_tables, right?08:35
juliusbstekern: nice progress with the dynamic linking stuff by the looks of it08:43
juliusbI've done a few updates of the mor1kx08:44
stekernI'm craving to see the "hello world" I have hidden away in my shared lib I'm trying to load and run ;)08:45
stekernbut, yes it's slowly evolving08:45
stekern(mor1kx) nice, what kind of?08:46
juliusbI see you have too08:46
juliusbumm, added serial multiply, improved multiplier implementation (for 3-stage full parallel multiplier)08:46
juliusba bug fix in the espresso fetch stage08:46
juliusbi'm wondering what the best way to merge in all the updates is08:47
juliusbI want your work on my master08:47
juliusbmy local master08:47
juliusband my repo08:47
juliusbI've just done a remote update and got your work and then done (on my master) merge with it08:48
juliusbbut if i then push to the openrisc/mor1kx repo, will it get all confused or can it figure out what came from where?08:49
juliusbso now on my repo I have your fixes, which is good08:50
juliusbbut if I want to push my work back onto the openrisc organisation mor1kx repo, will it be OK if I push my master?08:50
stekernah, but checkout openrisc/master and do a git pull from juliusbaxter/master and then push08:51
stekern(or merge juliusbaxter/master)08:52
stekernbut I think you can push your straight to openrisc/master08:53
stekernthe only thing that will look a bit odd is that you'll have the merge from openrisc/master visible there, instead of the merge from juliusb/master08:54
juliusbhmm ya08:54
stekernbut since you've already pushed the merge to juliusb/master, it will show up anyways08:54
stekern(I think)08:54
stekernyou can test pushing your repo, it will wine if it can't push it without -f08:56
juliusbhmm ok08:56
juliusbso im going to push my master (juliusbaxter/mor1kx master) to openrisc/mor1kx08:57
stekerndo that08:58
juliusbhmm, appeared to work08:58
juliusbyeah, has shown the merge from openrisc/mor1kx to my repo, oh well08:58
juliusbi'll do it neater next time :)08:58
juliusbbut now I know08:58
stekernyeah, it doesn't really matter much08:59
stekernthe key point is that you aren't changing any of the commits that already are in openrisc/master, that's when you know it's kosher09:00
juliusbYeah i'm going to keep hacking on stuff and pushing documentation and features and stuff09:01
juliusbshouldn't be anything which steps on your toes :)09:01
stekernI'm wearing steel-toe boots, so no need to worry ;)09:04
juliusbgood to know :)09:10
stekernI think I need to orient myself some more in how ELF files work10:25
stekernproblem at hand:
stekernthe address for AT_PHDR (that's what linux put on the stack before calling _start in is calculated by: "LOAD virtual address" - "LOAD offset" + "PHDR offset" 10:30
stekerni.e.: 0x0 - 0x2000 + 0x34 = 0xffffe03410:32
stekernthen tries to read from this address, which of course ends in a segfault10:33
jeremybennettsimoncook: You've been looking at the low level stuff recently. Can you help out stekern?10:38
stekernany pointers would be appreciated ;)10:38
stekernas a comparison, this is how the readelf -l looks like when compiled/linked for x64:
stekernhere the "LOAD offset" = 0 and the "LOAD virtual address" = 0x40000010:41
stekerni.e. "the other way around"10:42
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stekernI think the problem is that the PHDR is "not included" in the memory map of the program12:52
stekernyay, I figured it out, if EMBEDDED=yes is set in the .sh script in ld/emulparams/, then + SIZEOF_HEADERS isn't added in the default link-script18:00
stekernone small step forward!18:09
stekernno more segfault :)18:12
stekern...until I proceed with the next step:
stekernit's close now though20:20

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