IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2012-07-15

maximi89stekern, yeah, that i was thinking, but i need to be sure of what it can do.02:15
stekernmaximi89: again, openrisc as such can do anything, the limiting factor is the implementation08:04
maximi89stekern, but by implementation you mean logical gates?08:05
stekerne.g. if it's implemented on an FPGA or in an ASIC (and what technology has been used)08:06
stekernbut also the implementation of the rtl (verilog)08:06
stekernmaximi89: so, that's your platform?08:33
maximi89no, just I was looking some news today and i found a notice about ARM and a comment talking of that FPGA, so I'm trying to understand OpenRISC, as you said OpenRISC + FPGA08:35
stekernok, so why did you post the link?08:35
maximi89because it looks powerfully it's not?08:36
maximi89so OpenRISC have assembler code right?08:37
stekernwhat are you asking?08:37
maximi89I am still without understand what functions do OpenRISC and what others hardware it need to be complete08:39
maximi89just learning08:39
stekernoh, ok... it has plenty of assembler code...08:42
stekernfilled up to the brim with it08:43
maximi89I would like to see devices with OpenRISC, things like computers and that kind of things08:45
maximi89BRIM it's a software?08:46
maximi89ah! sorry, a word xd08:51
maximi89in spanish "borde"08:51
maximi89stekern, does is down?09:04
stekernseems so, yes09:18
maximi89I get a 502 gteway error09:34
stekernyup. same here09:34
maximi89have like 2 days with that09:36
stekernyeah, I think it was down yesterday for me too09:36

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