IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-07-14

maximi89derRichard, but I read it can display some images and that kind of things09:32
maximi89I mean, actually i have a router with a MIPS at 400mhz09:33
maximi89what specifications have openrisc, looks like a nice project09:33
maximi89probably finance it with kickstarter?09:33
stekernmaximi89: performance specifications depends on implementation09:39
stekernboth _where_ you implement it and the implementation of or1k09:40
stekernand of course you can utilize it to display images, what processor wouldn't be able to do that?09:42
maximi89but i read in opencores.org09:44
maximi89or yasep09:44
maximi89about some actions it can do09:44
maximi89i was reading about the Open Graphics using OpenRisc as the processor09:45
maximi89stekern, actually openrisc are more advanced than a MIPS? or left09:46
maximi89which chipset or motherboard works with ORisc?09:59
stekernI don't think your and mine definition of what advcanced is in this context is the same, but I answer no anyway10:53
stekernand to answer "what it can do", a typical target application is an embedded system10:56

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