IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-06-01

chadkellyUpon trying to download the OpenRISC Ubuntu VirtualBox image (1.1G), the entire site stopped working from me. However, all other sites I visit work great. Is there a webserver limit on data per IP address?03:52
stekernllvm status: I'm now able to compile u-boot with it07:33
stekernonly thing that doesn't work is the use of global register variables, since that gcc extension isn't supported in llvm07:34
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stekernafter hacking around that, it's close to working too :)10:18
stekernI get prompt, but then it crashes when trying to run any commands10:19
stekernlooks like stuff gets linked in at wrong places10:19
juliusbnice one!12:14
juliusbhow does that work? It still uses binutils' ld right?12:15
stekernand as12:24
stekerneven more correctly, it uses binutils for every binutilsy task ;)12:25
stekernit has an own assembler and linker, but I haven't even started to look into how that works12:27
stekernnot many backends support it12:28
stekernbut I don't think the fact that stuff get linked in at wrong places is ld's fault, more likely some asm attributes/directives that are not set correctly12:31
stekerni.e. a missing .section blabla or something similar12:32
stekernthe problem I had prior to this was a similar one, the .weak attribute didn't get printed, so weak linked functions went missing12:33
stekernactually, seems very much related, the functions that get linked in at the wrong places are marked as weak12:49
juliusbah right12:55
stekernthe output from llvm has: .section        .text.do_bootelf_exec,"axG",@progbits,do_bootelf_exec,comdat12:59
stekernoutput from gcc does not12:59
jeremybennettstekern: Remember the current binutils is known to have problems with weak symbols. I've never delved deeply into it, but it seems to be a problem that also affects the ARM linker, which may explain why we have it.13:01
stekernok, I think the weak part is just a coincident, the real problem is that llvm pulls that weak function "out" of .text and marks it with .text.do_bootelf_exec13:05
stekernso the root problem is our u-boot .lds files, changing *(.text) to *(.text*) fixes it13:40
stekernstill some problems when running 'help' though, something is getting unaligned15:16
stekernI've figured the unaligned accesses out, but I'm not sure how to fix it23:41
stekernthe problem is with dynamic stack allocations and outgoing calls arguments on the stack23:42
stekernI have to wedge the dynamic stack allocations in between23:44

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