IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-05-31

joniboderRichard: just to answer your question from a few days ago:  the SPI driver could probably go upstream, it's just a bit rough around the edges; the USB driver really should be rewritten by somebody with a clue.10:31
joniboif you're going to try to work with the mainline kernel, use the master-next branch of my uClibc repo... it's carrying some patches from Mark Salter that allow uClibc to work without the syscalls that have been deprecated in the generic unistd.h10:33
derRichardjonibo: okay, thanks :)10:41
derRichardjonibo: btw: but we could add the usb-driver to drivers/staging/10:50
jonibothe USB core is terribly buggy...10:51
jonibothe driver mirrors that10:51
jonibooh, right, and another reason the SPI driver isn't upstream... I was waiting on the DT clock bits to fall into place so that the driver can drop its reliance on cpuinfo for getting the clock frequency... that makes it openrisc-only for the time-being10:54
joniboin any case, the driver isn't forgotten, it's just not ready...10:54
joniboit looks like the DT clock stuff won't hit 3.5, though10:54
stekernI can support jonibos claims on the usb-driver, it's internals should only be shown to your worst enemies10:57
derRichardjonibo: oh the usb core is buggy. damn :(11:08
derRichardstekern: how buggy is it? can it be used?11:11
stekernderRichard: I haven't tested it exensively, only mounted a usb-storage. It worked fine11:37
derRichardokay, sounds not *that* bad :)11:39
derRichardbut the core supports only low-speed, right?11:39
stekerniirc, it supports full-speed as well11:43
_franck_anyone knows if15:43
_franck_...ordb2a-ep4ce22 board as a USBBlaster clone builtin JTAG15:44
_franck_I need to use an USB Blaster clone + USB UART on a board15:45
_franck_I'm downloading the VirtualBox image to see if I can find the FTDI eeprom content15:45
_franck_seems like the fpga configuration is done using UrJTAG so I guess (this is what I though) the JTAG is not an USBBlaster clone16:12
juliusbHmmm, I don't think so.16:39
juliusbI would ping LoneTech in #opencores16:39
_franck_ok I will16:39

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