IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-03-01

derRichardi've just realized that #opencores and #openrisc are not the same channel ;)00:49
olofkYeah, some people choose to hang out here as well00:52
derRichardyeah, but i see jonibo is here. so i can bug him with my linux questions :P00:54
derRichardis there any support for glibc?01:12
derRichardi'm trying to build or_debug_proxy, but it seems to depend on the binary library ftd2xx01:48
derRichardis there really no free alternative?01:48
stekernderRichard: openocd uses libftdi06:18
zone51just downloaded the ubuntu image and it fails to unpack. This is my problem, insn't it? :P09:29
Lampus|2Where I can find testbench for or1200 core _only_. Is it exist at all?09:55
joniboderRichard: no, there is no support for glibc10:02
aboganiderRichard: What hardware are you using?10:05
derRichardabogani: the ordb2a-ep4ce2210:38
aboganiderRichard: Thanks10:41
derRichardjonibo: yeah. just read your email10:42
derRichardmy ordb2a-ep4ce22 board has a sdcard-reader. how can i use it on linux? is therer a driver for it?11:15
jonibostekern may know about that...11:16
jonibodon't have one of those boards myself11:16
aboganijonibo: what board are you using?11:20
aboganijonibo: Thanks11:21
Lampus|2derRichard: you can look at this driver
Lampus|2It allows work wih SD cards through SPI master11:32
stekerni don't have that board neither11:46
derRichardstekern: who created the devicetree file for that board? maybe this unknown guy know it best :)11:50
jonibowhere'd you find the devicetree file for it?11:51
orsoc1_derRichard: it's the engineers at ORSoC to developed this devlopment board, as a verification platform for the OpenRISc ASIC project11:54
derRichardjonibo: on the ubuntu virtualbox image11:55
derRichardbut the file is not part of the git tree11:55
orsoc1_you should talk to : Michael, Olof, Yann, Nikos  (they have been developing it)11:55
joniboorsoc1_: ok that's your board... didn't realize that11:57
joniboif anyone should be working with upstream, you guys should11:57
derRichardi'm currently a bit confused. orsoc, openrisc and opencores are three different organizations?11:57
joniboorsoc is corporate, opencores is semi-corporate, and openrisc tries not to be...11:58
jonibosomething like that11:58
joniboopenrisc is a cpu11:58
joniboopencores is web infrastructure for hosting hardware designs11:58
joniboorsoc makes money from it all... as do others11:59
aboganiIMHO It worth add these as FAQ in linux git tree...11:59
jonibodoesn't seem so relevant to me... it's just a detail12:00
joniboderRichard: feel free to submit that device tree file if you get it working... that thing belongs upstream12:00
derRichardjonibo: will do12:01
derRichardbtw: please push your commits as fast as possible upstream to linus tree12:01
jonibothey were pulled last night :)12:01
derRichardgood ;)12:01
derRichardif something cool like openrisc is upstream keep it up2date or the kernel hackers will become really angry12:02
jonibopatches welcome :)12:05
derRichardno, i meant please don't keep stuff too long in your tree on
jonibolinux-next has the stuff for 3.4, master on has other work in progress...12:07
derRichardbtw: the stack dumper needs a bit love:
derRichardis currently someone working on that?12:12
jonibono, probably noone12:12
derRichardokay, i'll put it on my todo list12:12
jonibothe page fault handler also needs some love12:13
joniboand there are some missing bitops12:13
jonibothat's the current state of things, afaik12:13
derRichardfirst i have to learn more about the openrisc archtitekture. i know the linux kernel very well but almost nothing about openrisc :)12:13

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