IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-02-28

Lampus|2After reading this topic,OpenRISC,0,4017 on forum, I have tried disable ADBG_USE_HISPEED define.09:55
Lampus|2SRAM self-test fails after that09:57
Lampus|2SRAM test:09:57
Lampus|2CRC ERROR! match bit after write is 0 (computed CRC 0xd620d63a)Retry count exceeded!  Abort!09:57
Lampus|2Comment about this define says: "// If this is defined, status bits will be skipped on burst"09:57
Lampus|2About what status bits this message is speaking?10:00
Lampus|2Where I should find them?10:01
joniboanybody know why the usbhostslave core is called ohs900 in the driver?  that's documented nowhere in the core description10:27
jonibodid somebody fork the core at some point and keep the driver from the old core, or something....?10:27
stekernjonibo: I've been wondering the same thing10:28
joniboi googled ohs900 and found the driver, but not the hardware... very annoying10:30
jonibodriver names should match the hardware they belong to, but this doesn't work if opencores keeps changing project names10:31
jonibobad enough that they moved all the projects to new URL's, breaking the links to the project sites documented in the drivers...10:31
juliusbI suspect it was the person who wrote the driver for it in the first place had the RTL and arbitrarily chose to name it that11:05
juliusbthe driver we based all of that stuff on was calling the hardware ohs90011:05
jonibook, that's cool... I'm going to rewrite it and this time it'll be called "lucky lotus 3000"11:07
joniboobviously, this being the year of the dragon and all, I'll have to throw in a feature with a draconian name, too:  low-speed, full-speed, and dragon speed!11:10
jonibonow, I know you want that:  dragon-speed USB!11:10
juliusbthat makes more sense than everything else ever decided about a) USB and b) that core in particular11:11
Lampus|2Wtf... After recompiling adv_jtag_bridge with parameter USE_HISPEED=flase in Makefile self-test freezing on line "Starting CPU0!"11:27
Lampus|2Any ideas?11:27
Lampus|2So sad...11:29
Lampus|2git clone git://
Lampus|2Cloning into orpsoc...13:37
Lampus|[0:]: errno=Connection timed out13:37
Lampus|2Is it problem in my channel?13:38
jonibopgavin: awesome!16:33
Lampus|2stekern: can you give me your .gitignore file for orpsoc repo?16:38
stekernif I have any it should be checked in16:43
stekerni believe16:43
Lampus|2Seems that your repo haven't it =]16:45
stekernthen I probably do not have one ;)16:45
stekernfeel free to create one and share :)16:46
Lampus|2I want to try to port orpsoc to DE0 board (not de0-nano). But I'm newbie in such things16:47
stekernhmm, I think franck has it working on a de0 board16:51
Lampus|2And where I can find Franck's repo?16:51
stekernI guess you have to make a home visit to get access to it ;)16:52
stekernlet's ask him if it was the de0 and if he has anything ready to share next time he is around16:52
Lampus|2I'm afraid distance between me and Frank is very long, so home visit not possible =)16:54
pgavinjonibo: thanks :)17:00
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