IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-01-17

juliusbjonibo: you able to make it down for FOSDEM this year?03:29
juliusbOlof and I are going to be talking in the embedded devroom03:29
juliusbas far as we can tell, anyway, our submissions have been accepted03:30
_Franck__"/opt/crosstool/or32-new/bin/../lib/gcc/or32-elf/4.5.1-or32-1.0rc4/../../../../or32-elf/bin/ld: /opt/or32-new/lib/gc..."12:32
_Franck__why ld is searching in the /opt/or32-new default directory ?12:33
_Franck__is it fixed during the compilation of the toochain whith the --prefix value ?12:34
_Franck__my crosstools are in /opt/crosstool if I symlink /opt/or32-elf to /opt/crosstool/or32-elf it works as expected12:35
olofk_htcHave you tried to add your path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH?13:11
_Franck__no, I will13:12
_Franck__then I'll write everything down because there is a lot of small things to set up ;)13:13
jonibodid you move the toolchain after compilation?  the SVN versions of the tools for or32-elf are not relocatable... i.e. cannot be moved after compilation because the search paths are then wrong13:57
jonibothere are patches for that floating around13:57
_Franck__I didn't recompile it, I got binaries14:28
jonibook, that's the problem then14:28
joniboyou need to put the binaries in the same path as they were compiled for otherwise the libboard.a stuff breaks14:29
_Franck__ok. Any way to solve this issue ?14:29
_Franck__except patches14:29
jonibothere are two patches, one for newlib and one for gcc, to fix this14:29
jonibowithout patches?14:30
jonibosymlinks from --prefix path to your install path, I guess14:30
_Franck__ok that waht I did14:30
joniboyeah, I don't see any other solution14:30
jonibothe toolchain is currently pretty broken because of that hardcoded patch14:30
joniboit's braindead14:31
_Franck__need to write this somewere14:31
jonibowhere'd you get the binaries?14:31
_Franck__or1200 download page14:33
joniboah... figures14:33
_Franck__:) so the rule is to get everything from svn/git14:34
joniboif you're using this stuff, you're pretty much maintaining it, so version control is what you want...14:40
joniboanyway, I guess I should post the patches to your problem above14:41
jonibowill do so if I get around to it14:41
jonibootherwise there available in git (somewhere)14:42

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