IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-01-16

olofkwkoszek: BeMicro and BeMicro SDK are different boards. It's really confusing that they named the newer one SDK00:55
olofkBeMicro SDK has an ethernet port00:55
wkoszekYeah. And it's Cyclone IV. Just saw a BeMicro on eBay and considered buying it, but I guess it's worth to wait for the next chance.02:41
juliusbwkoszek: don't you work for xilinx? can't score cheap/free boards there?07:53
wkoszekjuliusb: I'm interested in Altera stuff too to get more competent.10:39
wkoszekI just follow eBay to keep this learning effort cheap. I don't really need this. That would be just for fun.10:40
juliusbcool. there's rarely stuff on ebay I find10:45
juliusbperhaps the US is better for that10:45
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