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elec4funhello, anyone here ?23:02
Franck__hello anyone ?23:07
juliusbhow are you?23:10
juliusbdid you post on the newsgroups?23:10
juliusberr, the mailing list i mean?23:10
Franck__yes I did23:11
Franck__I'm new to openrisc and I think it'll be my new toy for some times :)23:12
Franck__I'm currently porting barebox to or1k23:12
juliusbnice one23:13
Franck__barebox aka uboot v223:13
Franck__it is a bootloader23:14
juliusbwe have u-boot23:14
juliusbcheck openrisc.net23:14
juliusbthe git repos23:14
juliusbstekern: has one23:14
Franck__take a look at the website23:14
Franck__yes tried it23:15
Franck__works perfectly with the sim23:15
Franck__can I ask you a question about the tick timer ?23:16
stekernask away ;)23:18
stekernbarebox port sounds cool btw23:18
Franck__when I configure it as a free running counter, mtspr(SPR_TTMR, SPR_TTMR_CR)23:19
Franck__it doesn"t start unless I set the timer period to something23:19
Franck__is that a feature ?23:19
juliusbthis is in the simulator?23:21
juliusband you set the timer running bit23:21
Franck__which one ? :)23:21
Franck__"The Tick Timer facility is enabled with TTMR[M]."23:22
juliusbmmm i guess all you should need to do set the mode to continuous23:22
Franck__I set M to "11"23:22
juliusband it should just go23:22
Franck__static uint64_t openrisc_clocksource_read(void) { printf("%lx\n", mfspr(SPR_TTCR)); return (uint64_t)(mfspr(SPR_TTCR)); }  static struct clocksource cs = { .read= openrisc_clocksource_read, .mask= 0xffffffff, .shift= 12, };  static int clocksource_init(void) { mtspr(SPR_TTMR, SPR_TTMR_CR); cs.mult = clocksource_hz2mult(OPENRISC_TIMER_FREQ, cs.shift);  init_clock(&cs);  return 0; }23:23
Franck__paste doesnt works well23:24
juliusbpastebin it23:24
Franck__I'm on the web interface23:24
Franck__I'm switching to irc client (i'm not sure it works, I'll be back)23:25
Franck__here ?23:26
Franck__did you see my "bla" ?23:28
juliusbcan se you23:28
Franck__I'm back to the web interface (anyway....)23:29
Franck__I checked again and if I use mtspr(SPR_TTMR, SPR_TTMR_CR  | 0xFFFFFF); timer is running23:30
Franck__mtspr(SPR_TTMR, SPR_TTMR_CR) it's not23:30
Franck__it's not a big deal.....23:30
juliusbit doesn't seem right, though23:31
juliusbTTCR should really be running if TTMR_M is set to continuous23:31
juliusbi just read the brief description of barebox23:50
juliusblooks cool23:50
Franck__I did port it to nios2 already works like a charm23:50
juliusbnice one23:50
Franck__but nobody uses it as far as I know :)23:50
juliusbah i bet they do23:53

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