IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2011-12-09

juliusbjonibo: see my post to the lists about the uClibc toolchain? am I right about what's in uClibc head not being exactly right for what's in the kernel right now? it was that case last time I heard about it...00:47
juliusbalthough there appears to be a linux 2.6.37-compat tag00:47
juliusbso that looks good00:47
juliusbI figure kernel developers are more likely to follow your good instructions on anyway00:48
juliusbwhereas we get a lot of dablers in the baremetal stuff I think00:48
juliusbwho don't want to deal with a checkout from opencores svn (who does?) to run their helloworld00:48
juliusbso i reckon the newlib precompiled toolchains are going to be in greater demand00:48
juliusbbut maybe my logic is wrong, I dunno00:49
juliusbohh my thesis shows up on google now:
juliusbjonibo: hey man, i know the toolchain release thing is a bit crazy but i'd really like to push one out soon16:55
juliusbbut I wouldn't mind some help understanding what's in the stuff on openrisc.net16:55
juliusband do you know anyone who might want to maintain binutils?16:56

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