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ysionneaushorne: just for my information, how are you running gcc tests for or1k?08:05
ysionneauyou have a way to tell gcc build system to "just build and not run" them? and then you put them on a big ramfs that you run on linux on fpga ?08:05
ysionneauor in qemu ?08:05
ysionneau(also, do you run openmp tests?)08:06
shorne ysionneau: The gcc tests are run with dejagnu, which includes sim + qemu, scripts are here:
tpbTitle: or1k-utils/site.exp at master · stffrdhrn/or1k-utils · GitHub (at
shorneqemu is user mode, so not using the or1k kernel09:55
shorneFor glibc, I am building with the scripts from here:
tpbTitle: or1k-utils/glibc at master · stffrdhrn/or1k-utils · GitHub (at
shornealso testing with qemu linux user mode09:56
ysionneauok qenu user, thanks10:52
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