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ysionneaushorne: hi :) Is there a documentation of openrisc relocs somewhere ?10:45
ysionneau(regarding uclibc thread)10:45
ZipCPUysionneau: Please stick around.  The channel is active, but only slowly so.  (Answers might take 12hrs or so)10:46
ysionneauZipCPU: thx I'll stick around, though in a few hours I'll be hiking around in Scotland for 2 weeks10:46
ysionneauso I guess I'll read the answer after that10:46
ZipCPUThere are logs too, in case you have to drop out10:46
ysionneauright, thanks, I use a bouncer so I guess that wont be necessary10:48
ZipCPUshorne has been the one answering questions, so I'll tag him now in case that helps10:48
ZipCPU(I don't actually know the answer ...)10:48
ysionneauhe just answered about this topic on the uclibc-ng mailing list today10:49
ysionneauanyway there is no urgency whatsoever10:49
ysionneauok I've got my answer, it is there:
ysionneauthat only describes the dynamic relocs though, not the static ones10:52
ysionneau(the ones that are present in .o but not in final linked elf)10:52
shorneysionneau: there is not much on openrisc relocs other than what is in binutils source16:45
shornenote, I was able to reproduce the issue with the uclibc build16:46
shorneAnd I could fix it by just deleting the code that uss __syscall_error in or1k_clone.S16:46
shornethe problem is only in there16:46
shornei.e. I did this patch16:46
shornediff --git a/libc/sysdeps/linux/or1k/or1k_clone.S b/libc/sysdeps/linux/or1k/or1k_clone.S16:47
shorneindex a2c16ac9e..b290abedb 10064416:47
shorne--- a/libc/sysdeps/linux/or1k/or1k_clone.S16:47
shorne+++ b/libc/sysdeps/linux/or1k/or1k_clone.S16:47
shorne@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ L(oldpid):16:47
shorne         l.ori r3, r11, 016:47
shorne L(error):16:47
shorne-       l.j SYSCALL_ERROR_NAME16:47
shorne-        l.ori r3,r11,016:47
shorne+       //l.j C_SYMBOL_NAME(__syscall_error)16:47
shorne+       // l.ori r3,r11,016:47
shorne-PSEUDO_END (__or1k_clone)16:47
shorne+END (__or1k_clone)16:47
shorneSo, the bad relocation is only in this 1 file.  I think i/we will need to fix that16:48
shorneNote, in the glibc port I am working on fixing up I dont get this issue and the code is the same pretty much:
tpbTitle: or1k-glibc/or1k_clone.S at upstream-rebase · stffrdhrn/or1k-glibc · GitHub (at
shorneFor relocations in the final binary see:16:56
tpbTitle: or1k-glibc/dl-machine.h at upstream-rebase · stffrdhrn/or1k-glibc · GitHub (at
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