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shornewtfuzz: doing bt in the exception handler doesnt always work as the stack doesnt really exist18:40
shornebut... I remember I did fix it so the assert didnt fail.  I thought that change was already upstream18:41
shornehmm, no it looks like there still is an assert there18:43
tpbTitle: Git - binutils-gdb.git/blob - gdb/or1k-tdep.c (at
shornemaybe before it completely aborted when you hit this assert, now it just prints a warning18:45
shornebut I think we can fix it18:45
shornebasically the assert is checking "do we have a parent stack frame?"  if no then stop trying to backtrace.  The reason it fails is in exception handler there is no stack frame18:47
shornethere is probably some patches to newlib we can do to build a stack frame on exceptions (I did for some linux configurations)18:48
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