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alown_caraSorry to intrude, I have come here from the note on http://freecores.github.io12:46
alown_caraI was wondering if anybody knows what license the wb_builder core can be considered to be under?12:46
ZipCPUalown_cara: Pls stick around13:05
ZipCPUThe team is organizes across many time-zones13:06
alown_caraZipCPU: NP. I was going to idle for at least 24hours for an answer.13:14
Findealown_cara: you're right, it really doesn't say14:41
FindeI don't think that stating that wishbone is public domain is sufficient to indicate their own code is public domain, if that was their intent14:41
alown_caraFinde: yeah. My (somewhat sketchy) understanding is that (at least in the UK) without an explicit waiver of rights, at the very least the original owner holds the copyright.14:59
alown_caraIt is 15+ years old, and they left no markings so it is unlikely to cause a problem but...14:59
Findeyeah agreed15:02
Findealso my understanding is that some countries don't let you discharge your copyright at all15:03
Findeif you read a bit about creative commons public domain15:03
Findethey're like yeah we try our best15:03
ZipCPUalown_cara, olofk says: "Not a clue.  I think that project has been abandoned for a decade or more"16:24
ZipCPUalown_cara: There's a wb_intercon project that olof might be able to help you with, but you'd need to ask on gitters librecores/Lobby16:35
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