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futarisIRCcloudshorne: Interesting to see the comments here:
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@juliusbfutarisIRCcloud: thanks for that link, I'm trying to register on their forums to post and set that guy straight21:54
@juliusbthey have NFI what they're taling about21:54
futarisIRCcloudYeah. They're sometimes like that on phoronix...21:56
@juliusbI posted something, it should turn up soon22:30
flybackyou know22:44
flybackif it's a simple design option22:44
flybackeven if it sucks performance wise22:44
flybackI am thinking22:44
flybackmight be cheap enough to where rad hard versions don't cost much more22:45
flybackor mabye rad resistant not rad hard22:45
flybackhey marex ltns22:45
@juliusbflyback: ??23:17
flybackwhat I mean is23:27
flybackI guess since there's various options in some of these open cores23:27
flybackit might be more economical for a simple chip even if lower performance than a complex one23:27
flybackto have extra safety checks for space projects etc23:28
flybackoh I am terrible at explaining what I mean23:34
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