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shorneshivm28[m]: I see, let me see22:18
shornethe register list comes from target_get_gdb_reg_list22:19
shornewhich comes from:
shorneHowever... this is just for validation22:20
shorneok, I guess you know this but...22:23
shorne g - is for getting all regneral registers22:23
shorne  p - is for getting a single register22:23
shornefor g, we need to know the register map, so we will need to somehow describe that in our gdb server (maybe some way to pass the xml config)22:25
shornebut.. for p, we dont need to provide anything22:26
shornelets see goes gdb support 'p' fallback if 'g' is not supported?22:26
shorneI think it might work22:31
shorneCan you just implement 'p' first?22:32
ZipCPUshorne: Are you around at all?22:54
ZipCPUI'm curious what you would consider to be a good demonstration for ORCONF22:55
ZipCPUI'm not sure me sitting at a cubicle would make a good demonstration ...22:58
shorneZipCPU: Hi, im here for a bit23:58
ZipCPUI'm not here, but we  can chat for a touch23:58
ZipCPUYou tweeted that you'd like to see a demonstration.  I was curious about what that might look like in your mind.23:59
ZipCPU(I'm not here = the light is out, my wife is snoring, and I should be snoring too ... but I'm still wide awake)23:59
shorneJust showing how to 1. annotate code, 2. run the formal verification command 3. look at output23:59
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