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shivm28[m]shorne: Hi, I went through all the important API related to socket programming via TCP in gdb-server. I will go through target.c next and hopefully, come up with a rough layout by evening.16:59
shivm28[m]There are functions like Jim_* in target.c file. I suppose that's just for TCL implementation and can be safely ignored.17:02
shivm28[m]As mentioned here:
shornestekern: I met Linus and Gregkh at the OSS summit (LinuxConf) Tokyo yesterday17:59
shorneit was kind of funny Gregkh asked what is the difference between openrisc and riscv18:00
shorneLinus asked me for directions on the street how to get to the conference18:00
shorneshivm28[m]: yeah, I think you just need to undertsand the server working on the gdbserver to target interface18:01
shorneno need to really understand how target works18:02
shorneI mean, understand what it should do... but not all the details of openocd18:15
shivm28[m]shorne: that's so cool!!23:15
shivm28[m]Regarding implementation, I will come up with details in a while. Thanks!!23:16
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