IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2018-05-15

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shorneor1k-elf-run ./a.out10:16
shornehello gcc from or1k10:16
shorneyes... hello world works10:16
wbxshorne: cool! great work11:24
juliusbshorne: yeah!!19:57
futarisIRCcloudshorne: Great progress.20:12
-!- [X-Scale] is now known as X-Scale21:04
shornejuliusb: futarisIRCcloud: thanks!22:29
shorneI am writing some docs on some GCC gotcha's i.e. how the stack frame is defined, and how the reload/lra passes work22:30
juliusbI'm sure that will be a very valuable document!23:24
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