IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2018-04-23

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shornewoo, I fixed part of the reload bug finally20:46
shornebut now running into a infinite loop, during reload20:46
shornebut I think this will be more simple20:46
juliusbshorne: what's this with?21:48
juliusbGCC port I'll guess?21:49
juliusbBTW I *really* hope you can join us for ORConf this year so we can all cheer very loudly at the effort you're putting in21:49
shornejuliusb: yes, its the GCC port, been stuck on a bug for a few weeks.  Finally understand the reload/lra phase of GCC to figure it out23:05
shorneI would says LRA is probably the most complicated code I have looked at before23:05
shorneI am planning to make it or ORConf this year23:06
shornesome stats on LRA23:06
shorne7000+ lines in lra-contraints.c, many global variables23:08
shornelra.c just has 2000 lines, prettysimple , not so many globals23:09
shornelra-remat.c 1000+ lines23:10
shornelra-eliminations.c 1000+ lines23:10
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